Master the safety operation procedure of laser punching machine

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Master the safety operation procedure of laser punching machine

In order to ensure personal and equipment safety and prevent production accidents, please observe the following safety rules when operating CNC punch:

1. Please set a safety warning sign near the all-in-one laser punch machine.

2. Please set isolators around the all-in-one laser punch to form a working area. During the operation of the equipment, there are moving parts sticking out of the platform, and if someone accidentally walks by, they can be damaged. If a barrier is placed around the equipment to seal off the working area and the operator operates in a safe area, the occurrence of production accidents can be reduced.

3 laser punch machine must be managed and operated by special personnel (after strict training and operation qualifications).

4. The equipment can only deal with some plates, do not process more than the equipment capacity of the plate, so as not to damage the laser punch machine.

5. Before starting the operation of the all-in-one laser punch machine, please check the equipment and its parts, such as punch and die, to ensure that each part meets the conditions of normal operation of the equipment.

6. Without the permission of the laser punch all-in-one machine manufacturer, it is not allowed to modify the equipment in order to avoid damage and potential safety hazards to the equipment.


7. Stamping pressure: 25 tons or 30 tons or 160 tons depending on plate, thickness and aperture size

8 specifications: according to different processing objects, the most commonly used is 2.5 * 1.25 meters and other special requirements, such as 5 * 1.5 meters can be customized. The number of molds can be selected in a variety of ways.

9. The drilling accuracy is plus or minus 0.1 mm, and the accuracy is stable.

In the process of using deep hole punch, in order to ensure the safety of the use of deep hole punch and improve the production efficiency of deep hole punch, we need to adjust and check before the use of deep hole punch:


1, before work, should check whether the punch protection device is complete, flywheel running is smooth;

2. Check whether the control switch is abnormal, and then start the equipment to run for 2-3 minutes without load.

3. Before starting the motor, the deep throat punch must be removed.

4, remove the work site to interfere with the operation of the object.

5, laser punch machine hydraulic punch, according to the equipment lubrication system diagram, according to the different parts of the regular add lubricating oil.

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