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MB8 Electrical -CNC Press Brake with DA66T 8+1 Axis ( Wila Hydraulic Clamp )

For professional industrial workers looking for perfect configuration and user friendliness—the Durmapress CNC Press Brake offers this alongside more: versatility, flexibility, and faster production. In comparison to conventional brake machines—this one tops them all! Everything that the Durmapress 8 Axis offers, this machine adds to that! Operators will have powerful output that guarantees sensitive bending jobs can be completed perfectly. Furthermore, equipment can be tailored per individual request, so you can have the features included that you need for your specific sheet metal production needs. One of the best features of this machine lies in how it immediately offers automatic axis referencing to improve accuracy. Professionals can be sure that this latest technology makes metal bending projects so much easier. Choosing this machinery will promise longevity and satisfaction in the metal fabrication market.
  • MB8 Series

  • Durmapress

  • 8462299000

Product Description


Durmapress 8 Axis Hydraulic CNC Press Brake for Sale with DELEM DA66T 3D CNC Controller, 8 Axis Backgage (X1, X2, Y1, Y2 , R1, R2, Z1, Z2-axis), CNC Die Crowning, Wila ‘New Standard’ Hydraulic Clamping and DSP Laser Guarding System.

Durmapress ®EURO PRO B Series CNC Press Brakes are perfect for forming small parts with low operating costs and with syncro CNC three axis control capability they perform just like our bigger Press Brakes.

  • Precise bending result at fast speed

  • Minimized tool change and adjustment time

  • Maximized speed and safety

8 axis cnc press brake DA66T

CNC Press Brake with DA66T Delem 8+1 axis

  • Mono block, welded steel frame rigid to deflection and high tensile with ST44 A1 material.

  • Multiple configurations available.

  • Back gauge system with X1,X2,R1,R2, Z1, Z2 axis driven by AC servo with colored graphics.

  • HOERBIGER servo hydraulic system.

  • CNC controlled motorized anti-deflection system.

  • Hardened and ground standard sectioned top and 4V-Die bottom tools (835 mm section).

  • Easy to clamp tool holding system with upper and lower tools.

  • Standard graphic controllers can be selected from: DelemDA66T 3D colour graphical touch screen controller, Cybelec Mod Eva 12 S.

DA66T CNC Press Brake

DA66T CNC Press Brake Backside photos

  • Electrical panel with cooling system designed to meet CE standards & composed of automation and electrical equipment with SIEMENS

  • branding.

  • Ergonomic user friendly, pendant control panel.

  • Back light safety guards (category-4)

  • Front side covers with safety switches.

  • Synchronization of Y1+Y2 axis provided by linear encoders with 0,01 mm tolerances.

  • This metal forming machine uses foot pedal, is suitable to CE regulation.

  • Sliding front support arms with T slot and mm/inch rulers.

  • Throat depth 410 mm.

DA66T CNC Controller from Delem for CNC Press Brake 8 axis

DELEM DA66T CNC Controller From Holand

· 2D graphical touch screen programming mode

· 3D visualisation in simulation and production

· 17″ high resolution colour TFT

· Full Windows application suite

· Delem Modusys compatibility (module scalability and adaptivity)

· USB, peripheral interfacing

· User specific application support within the controllers multitasking environment

· Sensor bending & correction interface

· Profile-TL offline software

200Ton 3200 cnc press brake with 8 axis DA66T

                                   Overall Welding

Machine stronger welding structure , high precision

and more peacefully color design and comfortable usage

DA66T CNC Controller system

Delem DA66T CNC Controller from Holand

                        2D For Standard , 3D Profile working 

Servo CNC Press Brake DA66T

French schneider electrics to ensure machine stability ,

and Estun servo drive to control the accuracy of X, Y axes .

CNC Press Brake Servo Grater

  Hydraulic Servo Pump

The German HAWE hydraulic servo Pump is a new

hybrid electric drive system with a 70% reduction in

fuel tank capacity

DA66T CNC Press brake Servo Ruler

          Spain FAGOR Grating ruler Slider position signal is feedbacked to controller by Spain .FAGOR Grating ruler , then the CNC controller adjusts the amount of fuel tank by changing the synchronous valve opening size 

DA66T Press Brake electrical source

    French schneider electrics to ensure machine stability ,

and Estun servo drive to control the accuracy of X, Y axes .

Open Door Power Off

press brake electrical crowning

Electrical Auto Crowning

 CNC Auto Compensation Axis for the CNC Press Brake DA66T 8+1 Axis (  3+1 axis , 4+1 axis , 6+1 aixs )

Durmapress ® DA66T CNC Press Brake Wila Hydraulic Clamping System 

The core of the intelligent mold positioning system is the intelligent scale with LED lights. This scale can guide the operator where the mold needs to be placed and guide the next bending position.

Increase your press brake productivity:

The Wila’s ‘New Standard’ Tooling System has become the market leader for precision, quality, and flexibility for the Durmapress press brake. the WILA’s state-of-the-art clamp systems offer options for the ultimate efficiently changing tools with Smart Tool Locator® (STL)* have made the changeover process easier and safer. and Premium is available as an option.


  • Hydraulic power source

  • Quick clamping for europe style tooling

  • Simple push-button loading

  • Max. load head/shoulders 180 t/m

Optional for Smart Tool Locator® (STL)

Increase your pressbrake productivity

  • The Smart Tool Locator (STL) further increases your pressbrake productivity. The system indicates by means of built-in LED’s the right clamping position of your tooling during tool set up and indicates the active tool location in production mode.

  • The Smart Tool Locatoroffers significant benefits in speed, precision, and flexibility.

Wila Hydraulic Clamp Technical Upper Clamp

Wila Hydraulic Clamping Drawings

DA66T Press Brake Wila Hydraulic Clamp

Wila Hydraulic Clamping for Upper Punch

Press Brake DA66T Wila Hydraulic Clamp Pump Station

Wila Hydraulic Clamping Motor And Pump 

press brake foot pedal from Korea

Foot Pedal from Korea ( Strong Quality)

CNC Press Brake Adopted The Siemens Motor

Siemens Motor

CNC Press Brake Toolings

Press Brake CNC Toolings 

CNC Press Brake Toolings

Front Suppotor with Two Linear Guild to move left and right

8 axis cnc press brake

Durmapress ®Smart CNC Press Brake Backgauge

6-axis Backgauge

X1 , X2 ,R1 , R2 , Z1,Z2- axis

Machine : X1 , X2 ,R1 , R2 , Z1 , Z2 , Y1 , Y2 -axis + W crowning (8+1 axis)

 Backgauge adopts horizontal installation shell structure with high stablity , single shell double guide rail , high precision ,  X ,Z , R -axis drive , automatic controller . The backgauge is controlled by servo motor with X ,Z , R axis Automatic adjustment function 

DA66T Servo Press Brake Backguage

Durmapress ® Press Brake Back Gauge 

DA66T CNC hydraulic Press Brake

Strong Backgauge X1,X2,Z1,Z2,R1,R2

Durmapress ®  Press Brake CNC Auto Crowning System 

The Durmapress Pro® Adaptive CNC Crowning system enables the user to offset deformations of the beam while bending. thus, the angle is keeping constant along the entire plate length.


  • Easy reversibility of tools because of symmetrical adaption

  • Quick clamping for the dies

  • Suitable for Europe standard, Amada Type & Single V Dies.

cnc press brake crowning system

how the cnc crowning system working in press brake

Durmapress ® CNC Press Brake Optional Components 

Automatic Bending Supports

Sheet Suppotor

DSP Protection of the cnc press brake

DSP Laser Protection

wila holder of press brake

Wila Clamping Holder

Main Components








■ DA66T Controller - Holland DELEM




Schneider - France

Travel switch & Limit switch


Main Motor

Siemens Motor-Germany


Back Stopper, Timing Belt, Timing Pulley


positioning control


Servo Motor


positioning control


Servo Drive


positioning control


Foot Switch

KACON-South Korea


Hydraulic System

Bosch Rexroth-Germany


Hydraulic Pump

Bosch Rexroth-Germany


Sealing Ring

MERKEL - Germany


Oil Tube Connector

EMB - Germany


Front Safeguard

Produced by DURMAPRESS


Back Safeguard

Produced by DURMAPRESS



One Set of standard Dies



Ball Screw and Polished Rod, Linear Guide Rail-Taiwan, HIWIN



Quick Clamps - China


Deflection Crowning

CNC Electrical Crowning


Grating Ruler

FAGOR - Spain


Standard Axes

8+1 YlY2X1,X2, Z1, Z2, R1, R2+V Crowning


Deflection Crowning

Mechanical Crowning



Quick Clamp



Laser Protection



Laser Protection



Front Photoelectricity Protection



Back Photoelectricity Protection



Upper Die Hydraulic Clamping Tools



Lower Die Hydraulic Clamping Tools



Safety Standards

■ CE □CSA ■ NR-12 □OSHA

Technical Data
ModelBending Pressure (Kn)Bending Length (mm)Column Distanc e (mm)Throat Depth (mm)Slider Stroke (mm)Max. Openin g Height (mm)Yl,Y2-axis Down Speed (mm/sec)Yl,Y2-axis Back Stroke Speed (mm/sec)Y1,Y2-axis Precisio n(mm)X-axis Max Distanc e(mm)Workpiec e Linear Degree (mm/m)X,W Axes Accuracy (mm)V-axis Compensation MethodCNCAxesMain Motor (Kw)Length* Width* Heightf mm)Weight (T)
40T/220040022001703501003401501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning42600*1450*20503
63T/2500630250019003501703801501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning5.53100*1450*20505.8
100T/32001000320027004002004201501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning7.53500*1580*24008.5
100T/40001000400035004002004201501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning7.53500*1580*24009
110T/32001100320027004002004201501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning7.53500*1580*24008.8
125T/32001250320027004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning113500*1580*240010
125T/40001250400035004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning114100*1580*240011
135T/32001350320027004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning113500*1580*24009.9
160T/32001600320027004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning113500*1650*250011
160T/40001600400035004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning114500*1700*280012.5
160T/50001600500039004002004601501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning115500*1750*290015.5
160T/60001600600058504002004601501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning156500,1800*290018.5
175T/32001750320027004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning113500*1650*250011
200T/32002000320027004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning153500*1680*255014
200T/40002000400035004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning154500*1700*288013.5
200T/50002000500043004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning155500*1750*288015.5
200T/60002000600052004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning156500*1850*288017.5
250T/32002500320027004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning153500*1700*260015.5
250T/40002500400031004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning154200*1700*260017
250T/50002500500043004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning155200*1750*265019
250T/60002500600052004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmHydraulic CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning156200*1780*267022
300T/32003000320027004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning223500*1800*273016.8
300T/40003000400035004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning224200*1850*270018.5
300T/50003000500043004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning225200*1880*272021
300T/60003000600052004002004501501500.01500>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning226200*1890*275024
400T/40004000400035004003205201501500.01500>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning304500*2450*350031
400T/50004000500041004003205201501500.01500>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning304500*2500*350028
400T/60004000600049004003205201501500.01500>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning306500*2500*370036
500T/40005000400029005003206001501500.01500>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning374500*2550*370033
500T/50005000500039005003206001501500.01500>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning375500*2550*355036
500T/60005000500049005003206001501500.01800>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning376500*2810*450053
600T/40006000400029006003207001501500.01500>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning454500*2600*375039
600T/50006000500039006003207001501500.01500>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning455500*2650*358045
600T/60006000600049005003206001501500.01800>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning456500*2910*510068
600T/80006000800069006003207001501500.01500>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning458500*3500*530075
800T/60008000600049006004006001501500.01800>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning556500*2950*530090
800T/80008000800059006004006001501500.01800>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning558500*2950*5900120
1000T/600010000600049006004006001501500.01800>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning2-376500*3000*5600100
1000T/800010000800069006004006001501500.01800>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning2*378500*3000*6100130
1000T/1000100001000080006004006001501500.01800>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning2*3710500*3000*5850150
1200T/6000 12000600049006004008001501500.011000>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning2*376500*3100*5850130
1200T/700012000700059006004008001501500.011000>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning2*378500*3100*7150160
1600T/600016000600049006004008001501500.011000>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning2*556500*3300"6500150
1600T/800016000800069006004008001501500.011000>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning2*558500*3300*8000190
1600T/1000160001000080006004008001501500.011000>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning2*5510500*3300"8000210
2000T/800020000800062006004008001501500.011000>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning2*558500*3500*8000260
2000T/1000200001000080006004008001501500.011000>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning2*5510500*3500*8300290
2000T/1200200001200090506004008001501500.011000>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning2*5512500*3500*8300320
2000T/14002000014000110006004008001501500.011000>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning2*5514500*3500*8300350
3000T/800030000800062006004008001501500.011000>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning2*558500*3700*8600/
3000T/10000300001000080006004008001501500.011000>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning2*5510500*3700*8600/
3000T/12000300001200090506004008001501500.011000>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning2*5512500*3700*8600/
3000T/140003000014000110006004008001501500.011000>0.30.05mmMechanical CrowningY1+Y2+X+W Crowning2*5514500*3700'8600/

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