Mechanical shearing machineduring the use should reduce the plate distortion, in order to obtain high quality workpiece

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Mechanical shearing machineduring the use should reduce the plate distortion, in order to obtain high quality workpiece

Plate shearing machine is borrowed from the movement of the upper blade and fixed under the blade, the use of reasonable blade clearance, the various thickness of the metal plate shear force, so that the plate according to the size of the required fracture separation. Plate shears can be divided into: pedal type (manpower), mechanical plate shears, hydraulic pendulum plate shears and so on. Shears are often used to cut blanks with straight edges. The shearing process should ensure the straightness and parallelism of the shearing surface of the sheet material to be cut, and minimize the plate distortion, so as to obtain high-quality workpiece.

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Before shearing machine work, the edge of the blade must be kept sharp, such as edge blunt or crack phenomenon, should be promptly sharpened or replaced. The knife plate should be firmly fastened, the blade must be close, the upper and lower knife plate surface should be kept parallel, and manual turning inspection should be applied after adjustment to avoid accidents. The blade clearance should be determined according to the thickness of the shear plate, generally between 5~7% of the thickness of the sheet material to be cut, each clearance adjustment is applied to hand rotation flywheel, so that the upper and lower blades reciprocate once, and auxiliary measuring tools to check whether the clearance is appropriate to prevent spring collapse or damage to the edge mechanical shearing machine.

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Feeding should be straight, flat and steady. Fingers shall not be close to the cutting knife and pressure plate, feeding to pay attention to finger safety, especially when a sheet material is cut to the end, do not pad your fingers in the sheet material feeding or finger into the edge. Manual cutting is not allowed if the material head is less than 200mm, and folding auxiliary tools should be selected for cutting. A protective fence should be placed on the cutting trigger to prevent the operator's hand from entering the scissors falling area. The protective fence should not block the operator's eyes from seeing the cutting part. It is strictly forbidden to pick up waste on the ground when working, so as not to be injured by falling workpiece. The waste generated after operation has edges and corners, and the operator should remove it in time to prevent being stabbed and cut.

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The belt, flywheel, gear, shaft and other moving parts of the shearing machine must be installed with protective cover. Should often pay attention to clamping mechanism and clutch, brake whether abnormal failure phenomenon; When cutting, you should concentrate on cutting. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, you should stop cutting immediately, cut off the power supply, and notify relevant personnel for maintenance. Ensure production safety, improve work efficiency, the occurrence of personal equipment accident, should maintain the scene, and report to the relevant departments before finishing work, should cut off the power supply, wipe the equipment, do a good record of spot inspection.

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