Multi-function bite machine, wind pipe roll bone machine, manual bending machine

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Multi-function bite machine, wind pipe roll bone machine, manual bending machine

Multi-function bite machine, wind pipe roll bone machine, manual bending machine, electric edge folding machine, electric shearing machine, hydraulic rivet machine, Angle iron winding machine, five-line reinforcement machine, shrimp elbow machine, common plate

Flange machine, reel machine professional manufacturers

Strong and durable structure, fast forming, no special maintenance and long service life. Machine using heavy chassis, arc

Welded steel frame, motor, high precision bearing, hardened and rounded roller shaft, COPRA software designed and manufactured roller wheel, maintenance-free transmission system, rack table

E300 系统

The surface is treated with spray paint.

Re-12 multi-function wind pipe roll machine, now only need a standard master machine, you can replace or configure the required rolling roller according to the following table, please indicate the number when ordering.

Multi-function roller can achieve multi-purpose, can form a variety of common bite bone shape. specifications


● Model :RF-12DR material: 16GA ~ 24GA

● Heavy chassis, sub-arc welding steel frame, durable structure. ● Roller roller material :40Cr● Roller shaft: heat treatment 45# steel drive: belt drive electric control

● Motor :1.5KW Speed :9M/min

Manual bending machine usage :

1 before operation, check whether the fastening bolts of the thin plate folding machine are loose, and adjust the positioning according to the thickness of the material. Wear labor protection equipment as required, laminated

Side machine work table, can not pile up other sundries. 

2. Before operation, the sliding part must be injected with appropriate lubricating oil. Place the materials to be folded correctly on site for folding according to the regulations

Bending machine inside, then operate. Can not operate at will, to ensure the quality of folding. 

3. Do the "first three inspection" and self-check the work quality of the workpiece frequently. Develop the habit of self-examination and don't "go all the way."

4. The hem must be folded individually as required. Double-piece hem is not allowed. 

5. During the operation, the operator shall erect both sides of the movable handle of the thin plate folding machine to prevent the collision when the movable handle moves. operation

The foreman should not be near the movable handle to avoid bruise. 

6. The operator moves up and down counterclockwise to complete the folding process. The operator should balance the movable handle with force. 

7.Sheet folding machine or... Failure or abnormal situation, to timely report, check, repair after the work. Subforbidden to work forcibly with disease. 

8 After work, clean up the equipment and clean up

The scene. Materials are stored in order according to the position, the passage is unblocked and the site is clean.

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