My experience of CNC Turret Punching Machine

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My experience of CNC Turret Punching Machine

Time flies, time flies, and he is retired in a twinkling.Recall in the early 1990s, which sheet metal factory imported CNC Turret Punching Machine, is really rare, feel like a new product trial inserted wings, from the individual trial to small batch production of blanking no longer need to find a general punching Angle die, punching die or even hand scissors and other tools to produce.In the blink of an eye across the twentieth century, laser cutting machine gradually popularization, from CO2 laser to fiber laser, from a small power of 500W to a few kilowatts, to the present tens of thousands of watts, cutting costs are getting lower and lower, more and more provincial consumable, laser cutting machine to replace the potential of Turret Punching Machine.Many small sheet metal factories buy a laser cutting machine, then add CNC bending machine and welding machine can produce.

Number of blunt technology


With the rapid development of the machinery manufacturing industry, CNC punch parts of the material, heat treatment, processing accuracy, surface treatment, servo control module and other aspects of the increasingly mature, CNC punch reliability and life greatly improved, the most prominent is the process ability greatly improved, not only can punch, corner cutting,And can automatically weld stud (Figure 1), flanging, tapping (Figure 2), shutters, shallow drawing, countersunk hole, rolling bead, bead pressing, imprint roll cutting, with forming vent, bending (Figure 3), and even complete the processing of the whole small parts.In the past, CNC punch is a board on all the parts are all washed, just put down to remove the micro connection, classification, and then on the bending machine bending.Now, you can flush a discharge one, reducing the occurrence of collision accidents, and laser cutting machine currently does not have this function.Laser cutting machine because the workpiece is not clamped, once collided with the cutting head, the workpiece on the whole plate will be partially or even most scrapped.

The quality of domestic CNC punch is different now.Remember that it is necessary to clean the first CNC punch machine when it is installed, because there are chips and other impurities.Although the ball screw pair, guide rail slider and servo control module use imported parts, there are still many problems after a period of time.Now, many manufacturers not only improve the localization rate of equipment parts, product quality with the past can not be compared.

Number of die


Let's talk about CNC punch mold.Because the CNC punch can be long straight edge and curved edge with rectangular die (such as 50mm×4mm, 20mm×3.5mm, 8mm×3mm, etc.) and round, curved mold to complete the processing, so the CNC punch punching force is mostly about 35 tons, mold is mostly small.Because we need to ensure the size of the various shapes of holes on the plate, the size of the punch used for different thickness of the plate is the size required by the drawing, and then according to the different thickness and material of the sheet metal parts to choose different clearance die.Generally, the clearance between the punch and die is slightly larger than the clearance on the stamping manual.On the premise of ensuring the quality of the product, increasing the clearance is beneficial to reduce the wear of the cutting edge and significantly improve the life of the die.It has been tested that when the gap/thickness is 10%, the grinding life of the blade can reach 10,000 times, and when the gap/thickness is 25%, the grinding life of the blade can reach 68,000 times, but this should be carried out under the condition that the product burr is allowed.If the gap is reasonable and the burr is too large, the punch and die should be sharpened in time.The distance S of punch into the die is generally adjusted by adjusting the punch depth parameter.When the thickness of the plate is T ≤1.2mm, S value is 0.7-0.9mm.When the plate thickness is 1.5mm, S value is 1.0mm.When the plate thickness is 2.0mm, S value is 1.1mm.When the thickness of the plate is 3.0mm, the S value is 1.5mm. When the burr is high, it is increased about 0.2mm.The S value of brittle materials such as silicon steel sheet shall not exceed 0.5mm.After grinding for many times, the parameters of punching depth can be adjusted by punching. After the cutting edge of the die becomes pure, the quality of the punching parts will deteriorate. At this time, the cutting edge should be grinding in time in the normal wear stage, otherwise it will increase the grinding amount.The general grinding quantity should not exceed 0.4mm each time.OTC has three types of CNC presses with 12, 16 and 24 dies, each of which can be rotated.Later punch 32 modulus, four groups of rotating die, more advanced Salvagnini S4 (figure 4) has two rotary die, two large moulds and composite with 40 small punch punch, the mould is installed on the same piece of template, so only rotary die rotating, the rest of the mould, when beneath the plate movement to a mold,This mold will be punched once by impact, so S4 does not need to change the mold during processing.In addition, the S4 comes with a right-angle shear (integrated scissors) consisting of a 500mm×500mm independent blade with a press.The purpose of using right Angle shears is to save materials, once a part of the corner cutting punching is completed, you can use right Angle cutting material, after, with the brush belt conveying to the next station.It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that the die position of S4 can never be wrong after changing the die (replacing the new die, grinding and maintenance), otherwise it will damage the whole punch part.The correct way is to print a sample of all the molds in the compound punch library (Figure 5) after determining the mold library. According to the order of the sample, install the upper and lower dies on the upper and lower die fixing strips (which can be installed on 8 molds) respectively, then arrange the upper and lower die fixing strips and install them on the upper and lower die seats respectively according to the order of the sample.Always insist on doing so, three years CNC punch has never been out of trouble.


In addition, CNC punch with the mold as far as possible with the original factory.In order to save money, the CNC turret punch mold processed by the die factory alone, due to the large eccentricity, causes one side to be full of bright belt, severe wear and tear, and the gap to the other side, and the burr is scary.The workpiece is then placed on the Salvagnini P4 for bending, causing the P4 bending beam to wear and the workpiece to appear in a waist drum shape.Later scrapped a few sets of molds, others are barely in use.The mold procurement on S4 insists on another supplier to do, after changing the noise is particularly loud, resulting in the upper part of the compound punch cracking, so the turret punch and S4 die should try to find the original factory or the manufacturer specializing in this brand to buy, the mold is not on (punch can not smoothly into the concave-die) must not be used.



CNC punch before maintenance to clean the punch and its surrounding, mainly to clean up dust, dirty oil and grease.Be sure to check whether the tools are missing after each maintenance.I have encountered two failures, one is after dismantling the machine, did not find the screw on the S4 fell, finally crashed the slider.Another time, he forgot to remove the wrench and hit the sensor.During the maintenance process, it is not allowed to stand on the guide rail and rack, which will make the sand of the sole enter between the moving parts, causing mechanical scratches, indentation, etc., and accelerating the damage of CNC machine tools.For servo valve many CNC punch (S4), be sure to change the oil on time (generally more than a year), do not leak oil on the oil.For oil leakage to find out the cause of plugging, and then according to the provisions of refueling or oil change.Oil change needs to clean up the inside of the tank, with a clean cloth without lint (preferably the leftover material from the silk factory) can be wiped before refueling.At the same time to replace the filter, the first cycle 1 ~ 2 hours before the trial operation (the new filter filter out the particulate matter in the new oil).After the failure, because the current system has fault prompts, most of it is the fault sensor parts have problems, but sometimes it is caused by the front and back of the oil, gas or circuit, to careful analysis, more observation, more understanding to find the cause of the fault, find a good way to repair the machine tool.Remember the skill of CNC punch press has stopped for three months, for the company's electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, also please number of yangzhou blunt expert, but did not find the reason, finally move myself according to the numerical control punch press for a moment, a moment can't move, found a 1.5 mm square 5 core sheathed wire broken, torn sheathed wire to protect the skin, will be the same color line connected and everything is OK.Explosion pulp for capacitor, resistance to burn the black general can be seen with the naked eye, replacement of the same ferrari and the ohm capacitance and resistance, mostly can fix, generally I'm after a day or two from repeated study, after the test is still no way, only to the original factory apply for repair or maintenance company, the benefits of a do this is to avoid the somebody else to come over later found to be a little problem,Make everyone embarrassed, two is for the company to save a lot of repair costs.


Talk about safety, safety is the key to the installation and debugging production, no security, what all don't talk, I also often go to visit some company site, in principle, marked the number with the beam movement area with signal, normal production is not allowed to enter, but in fact it's hard to do, such as libraries of S4 material weight door brush belt, feeding, when the test is absolutely not allowed to stand.One of my senior leadership is old locksmith, a main shaft failure and call me after disassembling single shot, he watch on the mesa brush plate movement situation of the above parts, I have filed fingers paused before press the button, to see the die cutting on the screen coordinates (X120 measures how, Y230), had a narrow squeak, although there is no personal accident, I didn't sleep well for a whole week,So I hope everyone pay attention to safety everywhere, there is no security guarantee, the leadership let the operation is also determined not to start.



Maintenance measures are: ⑴ laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine and other smoky machine can not be too close to the CNC punch, it is necessary to put a workshop must be separated, because soot on the guide rail and other moving parts and control electrical parts and other hazards are very large.The moving parts should be wiped clean before oiling, and then filled with lubricating oil and grease according to the instructions.Frequently pay attention to the oil level of the lubricating pump storage tank, and check the oil level height of the hydraulic station.Drain water to the tank and filter of the air compressor when commuting and changing shifts every day.(3) Clean the dust in the electric box and the electric drive module.Long time do not need to often power, the use of air conditioning and electrical heat blow away moisture, in addition to the uninterruptible power supply charging.(4) Never turn the turret by hand, otherwise it will cause serious wear and tear of worm gear and worm pair, usually to develop a good habit of turning the turret with manual button under the premise of safety.Check whether the seal is intact for hydraulic and pneumatic components.Due to the vacuum pump mostly in the waste box (or car) near, so the waste should be cleaned in time.


CNC punch functions are more and more, in addition to the introduction of the article, many manufacturers also increased the laser cutting head, played their own advantages, for some sharp corners and do not allow the width of the parts with laser cutting is more perfect, the above is my personal experience to share with you.

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