Nc plasma cutting machine equipment renovation and process specification

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Nc plasma cutting machine equipment renovation and process specification

In recent years, with the rapid development of industry, enterprise production is gradually to the industrialization of large-scale, centralization and excessive, for the enterprise in the management of the personnel, production, sales, and so on each link way and management ability put forward higher request, of course, similar to the "software" technology to promote more enterprise's talents, technology transfer, such as more quick and effective way, But what about upgrades to "hardware" like production equipment? Material cutting application as a mechanical processing, vehicle and ship manufacturing, oil pipeline application, steel structure processing and other industries support technology, to deal with the early market of small batch processing is also comfortable, with the industry scale, industrialization development trend, for cutting equipment number control transformation application is also imminent, In this paper, the implementation process and key points of CNC plasma cutting machine equipment transformation are summarized as follows:

1. Selection of renovation implementation party Nc plasma cutting machine equipment

Numerical control plasma cutting machine overhaul reform scheme design is good or bad, overhaul reform results of the pros and cons, in addition to economic factors, largely depends on the quality of the construction team. This is a very important work, the company involved in the project construction should have the following conditions.

(1) A complete and efficient technical support system is the key to the human factor, the company should have a mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, process tooling and other all-round, with many years of rich design, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning work experience of the engineer team, but also should be able to fight a tough field construction team. This mode of work is the prevailing mode under the economic conditions of today's market

(2) The key to adapt to the operation and management mode of market economy is human factor. Discarding all the organizational forms and management methods that hinder enterprise management under planned economy conditions and giving full play to everyone's enthusiasm, the enterprise structure that can quickly respond to market demand should be established and continuously improved in the development of market economy. At the same time, many factors such as the company's scale and financial status should also be considered.

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2. Hardware order

After the above comprehensive consideration, the construction team has been selected, the details of the technical scheme is determined, and the order list can be listed. The user and the engineering company can determine the domestic and foreign order list and sign a formal renovation contract based on mutual trust and comprehensive consideration from the two aspects of cost reduction and reliability. At the same time of the order, the engineer can start to carry out the mechanical system

Repair, item repair and electrical software preparation, laboratory debugging.

3. Field debugging

This is the key to the success of the transformation, engineering personnel in this stage to complete the joint adjustment of machine and electricity, the final debugging of the NUMERICAL control system, the optimal adjustment of the parameters of the drive system, and prepare for acceptance.

4. Trial processing and acceptance

There are usually two contents: standard sample test cutting, in accordance with international standards, different types of CNC cutting machine have corresponding standard test cutting procedures; CNC cutting machine accuracy calibration, according to the factory measured the level of the star, using the corresponding means, conditional users can use laser interferometer measurement, so CNC cutting machine position measurement system compensation can be used to get the data, so as to improve the precision of CNC cutting machine.

5. Materials, training and warranty

At the end of the acceptance work, but also need to carry out technical data sorting, archiving and provided to the user, but also to the user technical training and warranty work.

Day in CNC cutting machine of numerical control transformation, the current situation in our country will be a large number of fault of CNC cutting machine, especially a large number of imported CNC CNC cutting machine, precision CNC cutting machine and modification of second-hand equipment, upgrade, make the equipment as soon as possible with the smaller input function in economic development, to create benefit, Is indeed a lot of enterprises can not be ignored.

Delivery acceptance of CNC plasma cutting machine and other large equipment, need many aspects are involved, in addition to the inspection of equipment function, also need to have the straight machine check documents, materials and parts, part of the act as purchasing agency and related information transfer, and so on, as soon as possible in order to facilitate the masses of users understanding of CNC cutting machine and other large equipment delivery acceptance process, Sorted out the relevant standard operation requirements as follows:


First, the necessity of inspection

Many users think that the new cutting machine has been tested when leaving the factory, the site installation needs to adjust the cutting machine level, the test processing parts can pass the acceptance. These users are ignoring several issues:

1. The new cutting machine will produce vibration and deformation through transportation, and the precision of the cutting machine will deviate from the precision of the factory inspection:

2. The adjustment of the cutting machine will also have a certain impact on the accuracy of the relevant;

3. The detection element of position accuracy is installed on the relevant parts of the cutting machine, and the adjustment of geometric accuracy will have a certain influence on it.

Therefore, the acceptance of the cutting machine must do a comprehensive inspection of the geometric accuracy, position accuracy and working accuracy, in order to ensure the performance of the cutting machine,


The general acceptance is divided into two stages.

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1. The pre-acceptance

The purpose is to check and verify whether the cutting machine can meet the processing quality and productivity of users, check the materials and spare parts provided by suppliers, and the supplier can only carry out pre-acceptance after the cutting machine passes the normal operation trial cutting and passes the inspection to produce qualified processing parts.

2. Final acceptance

According to the acceptance standard, determine the technical indicators provided by the certificate, acceptance work is divided into the following steps :(1) open box inspection; (2) Appearance inspection

(3) Acceptance of cutting machine performance and NUMERICAL control function;

(4) ACCEPTANCE of CNC cutting machine accuracy (including position accuracy and work accuracy).

In the acceptance of cutting machine geometric accuracy, in the cutting machine fine adjustment after a complete, not allowed to adjust a test. The position accuracy inspection should be carried out according to the corresponding accuracy acceptance standard. The working precision of cutting machine is a comprehensive precision, which not only reflects the geometric precision and position precision of cutting machine, but also includes the errors caused by various factors such as specimen material, ambient temperature, tool performance and cutting conditions.

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