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WC67K NC Hydraulic Press Brake- E21 ( X+Y Axis)

WC67K Series NC Press Brake
The most economical NC solution.
Model: WC67K
Controller: E21
Capabilities: 30T/1300 - 800T/6000
Axis : 2 axis ( X+Y )
  • WC67K Series

  • Durmapress

  • 8462299000

Product Description


The Torsion Bar Press Brakes are optimal for the forming of parts with a low operation cost. Torsion Bar Press Brakes have Torsion bar synchronous NC two axis control capability just like our larger Press Brakes.

  • The entire EU streamlined design, heat treatment frame, high rigidity workbench, optional mechanical compensation device for precise bending.

  • Hydraulic synchronization control and Estun NC programmable logic controller ensure precise repeatability and ease of use.

  • The integrated hydraulic system (Bosch Rexroth, Germany) can quickly and automatically switch to a slow bend.

  • The X-axis and Y-axis are programmed by the NC E21 system to achieve accurate positioning of the inverter.

  • Advanced variable frequency hydraulic control technology, with more stable, and more reliable operation.

  • The optimal parameter ratio and optimal core configuration ensure stable performance and convenient operation.

  • WC67K series press brake equipped with standard single-axis backgauge system (X-axis) and single-axis bending angle system (Y-axis), you can choose to add V-axis compensation function, and select the appropriate mold to easily bend the workpiece with complex shapes

E21 NC Hydraulic Press Brake

E21 NC Hydraulic Press Brake

NC Hydraulic Press Brake

Torsion Bar NC Press Brake

Press Brake E21 NC Controller from ESTUN

Estun E21 NC Control System

1. ESTUN E21 is a simple NC control system designed to replace ESTUN E200 with lower price.

2. ESTUN is jointed company by HOLLAND DELEM AND CHINA ESTUN

3. ESTUN E21can control X axis working into position accurately

4. ESTUN E21 will work better accompany with FREQUENCY TRANSFORMER. FREQUENCY TRANSFORMER is not the standard components, optional.

5. Can program the software for future usage and has memory

6. Can set up different steps in one program

7. Timer can control the bending time

8. Control X/Y two axis

9. The operation manual is available

10. The install manual is available

Adopt Estun's E21 controller which is able to store 40 programs and each program has 25 steps.

Standard Components

  • The frame is heavy-duty as well as compact and it assures precise results. It is made of high quality mild steel and it has undergone systematic mechanical processes

  • ESTUN E21 NC Control Unit

  • Full length multi V die series of 835mm punches with a fractioned one

  • Bosch-Rexroth Hydraulic System

  • Ram Deflection Adjustment

  • X,Y-Axis Back Gauge

  • High Speed Back Gauge

  • Durmapress® Top & Bottom Tool Clamps

  • Electrical cabinet with Telemecanique-Schneider, Esautomotion, ABB components

Torish Bar of NC Press Brake

Workbench Linearity Adjustment

Linearity of the workbench can be adjusted through screw

nc press brake oil connection adopted the EMB brand

Germany EMB Tube

Using Germany EMB tube and connectors reduces the odds against welding slag jaming the valves and affect oil flowing

NC Press Brake Oil Cylinder use the Jining Taifeng Brand

Oil Cylinder Jining Taifeng

Press Brake Fast Clamp

Fast Clamp

Press Brake Upper Punch and Down Die

Upper Punch (90°)and Multi-V Die

Press Brake Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic cnc press brake electrical Parts

       French schneider electrics 

To ensure machine stability , and Estun servo drive to control the accuracy of X , Y axes .

Hydraulic Press Brake Main Motor

               Siemens Motor 

Guarantees the machine service life , and reduce the noise when working 

CNC Press Brake Foot Pedal

    South Korea KACON foot switch

   Lengthened the service life and improved operational sensitivity 

Press Brake front Supportor

                     Front Supportor

Front supportor with features of simple structure ,powerful functions , can be adjusted up and down ,or moved along the workbench in rightwards and leftwards 

Hydraulic Press Brake Ball Screw And Guide Linear

     HIWIN Ball Screw & Guild Linear 

High precise backgauge , equipped with Taiwan HIWIN ball screw and polished rod structure

Rexroth Valve and Pump for Hydraulic Press Brake

            Germany Bosch Rexroth 

Oil pump guarantees the oil service life and reduce the    working noise 

Durmapress ®  Press Brake Crowning System 

The Durmapress® Manual and CNC crowning ensures a constant bend angle across the full length of the machine , This is achieved by pre-loading the machine , to offset any possible deflection under load of compensate for any tool wear , so that under load contacting surfaces are parallel to each other .

With CNC Crowning systems the press brake control is preprogrammed with machine characteristics and deflection data . With Manual crowning a simple spread sheet or chart can be easily developed for each application .

cnc press brake crowning systemhow the cnc crowning system working in press brake

Press Brake V Crowning Axis

Durmapress® Hydraulic NC Press Brake Optional Parts 


  • Oil Cylinder: Taifeng

  • Main Motor: WNM

  • Ball Screw Rod: HIWIN/PMI

  • Linear Guide: HIWIN

  • Front Support: Steel type support equiped with dual linear guide;

  • Aluminum alloy support without dual linear guide;

  • Pedal Switch: Roller Support

  • Temperature Control Device: Heating Device/Air Cooling Device

  • Front Protection: Light Curtain/L aser Protection

  • Rear Protection: Light Curtain/Full Protection/Semi-protection

  • Toolings: Customized

  • Convex Table: Manual/Motorized

  • Clamps: Advanced Quick Clamp

  • Controller: E300 ,Delem DA41S, Esa S625, CybTouch 8P

Press Brake Light Protection

Laser Protection

manual adjustable finger

Manual X Finger

press brake oil cooler

Oil Cooler

manual hydraulic crowning for press brake

Hydraulic Crowning

Press Brake Fast Clamp

Fast Clamp

Press Brake Upper Punch and Down die

No.Accessory NameModel/ManufacturerOthersConfiguration
1-CNC system■ E21 NC System EstunStandard
2-ElectricsGermany Schneider ElectricTravel switch & Limit switch
3-Main motorSiemens Motor
4-Back gauge, synchronous belt, synchronous wheelTaiwan, Chinapositioning control Guaranteed precision
5-Frequency converterTaiwanpositioning control Guaranteed precision
6-Foot switchSouth Korea KACON
7-BackgaugeBall screw linear guide rail-Taiwan
8-Hydraulic systemBosch Rexroth-Germany
9-Sealing ringPARKER-America
10-Oil tube connectorCasing connector
11-Front safety guardProduced by KRRASS
12-Back safety guardProduced by KRRASS
13-DieOne set of standard dies
14-ClampingGeneral clamping tools
15-Deflection compensationHydraulic compensationOptional
16-Deflection compensationMechanical compensation
17-Laser protectionDSP- Italy
18-Front Photoelectric protectionShandong China
19-Back Photoelectric protectionShandong China
20-ClampingFast clamping
21-System optionsE200S、DA41S
22-Safety standard■ CE 口 CSA 口 NP-12 口 OSHA

Technical Data
 Type          Nominal Force Worktable Length              Poles DistanceThroat DepthStrokeMax OpenPower WeightDimension

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