Nc winding machine performance and nc system function inspection

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Nc winding machine performance and nc system function inspection

Numerical control winding machine performance and numerical control function directly reflect the numerical control winding machine performance index, and affect the correctness and reliability of numerical control winding machine operation.

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1. Winding machine performance

Winding machine performance mainly includes spindle system performance, feed system performance, automatic tool change system, electrical device, safety device, lubrication device, gas-liquid device and ancillary device performance.

Different types of bending machine inspection items are different. CNC bending machine performance inspection and ordinary bending machine is basically the same, mainly through the "hearing and seeing" and test run, check the moving parts and auxiliary devices in the start, stop and run there are no abnormal phenomenon and noise, lubrication system, cooling system and the fan work is normal.

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2. Numerical control function

The function of the CNC system with the type of bending machine is different, the inspection and acceptance of CNC function should be in accordance with the specifications of the CNC system equipped with bending machine and the provisions of the order contract, with manual mode or with the method of testing the main function of the winding machine should have.

The main contents of CNC function inspection are:

(1) Motion instruction function tests the correctness of fast moving instruction, linear interpolation and circular interpolation instruction.

(2) Preparation instruction function to check the accuracy of coordinate system selection, plane selection, pause, tool length compensation, tool radius compensation, pitch error compensation, reverse clearance compensation, mirror function, automatic acceleration and deceleration, fixed cycle and user macro program instructions.

(3) Operation function check the accuracy of return to origin, single program section, program section skip, spindle and feed rate adjustment, feed hold, emergency stop, starting and stopping of spindle and coolant, etc.

With test machine program continuous operation, check the rolling machine movement, the stability and reliability of the action, and to emphasize that failure is not allowed in the specified time, otherwise it should be repaired to restart the specified time assessment, not allowed to subsection accumulated to the specified running time.

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