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  • 2020-05-14

    1.Processing materialsLaser cutting machine can cut metal materials (including ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, ...), non-metallic materials (acrylic, plastic, wood, cloth, leather, carpet, etc. )material. It

  • 2020-05-11

    Solutions to the interference in the bending process of the bending machineWhen the small scimitar can not avoid the position, it is necessary to use the large scimitar to avoid the position, as shown in figure (6) Figure (6)sometimes there will be a large machete that cannot be avoided, then yo

  • 2020-05-09

    Common defects of bending parts and methods of treatment and preventionWith the wide application of bending parts in construction machinery products, in order to meet the product quality and production needs, their quality standards have gradually increased. In the cold state, the CNC bending machin

  • 2020-05-08

    All different Press Brake Upper Punch ( Toolings) for different usage .Ordinary swordProcessing characteristics:1. The application of the machete in bending is mainly to avoid the position in the W direction, and the bending schematic diagram is as follows: 2.X direction: Xmin> 4mm can be bent (when

  • 2020-05-07

    This CNC bending machine mold for bending thin plates. The mold of the CNC bending machine includes a bracket, a worktable and a clamping plate. When in use, the coil is energized by the wire, and after being energized, the pressure plate is attracted to achieve the clamping of the thin plate betwee

  • 2020-05-07

    1. Small V fold large angle, large V pressurizationWhen the internal bending workpiece shape is limited, this method is used for processing <as shown below>

  • 2020-05-06

    The traditional method of punching sheet metal is to use a punch to punch, relying on the external hard force to directly act on the surface of the workpiece, which is easy to cause shortcomings such as low accuracy and many edge thorns. More and more processing companies have begun to choose lasers

  • 2020-05-06

    Common problems of bending and clampingIn the long-term processing, although the bending machine is regularly maintained, for the wear-resistant parts such as fixtures and molds, simple maintenance can no longer guarantee its bending accuracy requirements, resulting in the angle of the formed workpi

  • 2020-04-29

    Some people often ask which is better, the electro-hydraulic synchronous press brake and the torsion shaft synchronous press brake? To say that the difference between the torsion shaft press brake and the electro-hydraulic press brake is that the structure on both sides of the bending slider to ensu

  • 2020-04-28

    As a basic machine, CNC Press Brake is very common in various factories. If its maintenance measures can improve the efficiency of the work and the service life of the bending machine itself, we will introduce its maintenance content below:1. Hydraulic oil circuit1. The hydraulic oil used by CNC Pre

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