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CNC bending machine

These are related to the CNC bending machine news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in CNC bending machine and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand CNC bending machine market.
  • 2020-12-16

    The hydraulic oil in the CNC bending machine is used as the working medium in the hydraulic transmission system, which plays the role of energy transmission, conversion and control. At the same time, it also plays the role of lubrication, corrosion prevention, rust prevention and cooling of various

  • 2020-06-08

    The guide rail of the slider must be lubricated once a day. Generally, before starting the machine, the slider is in the bottom dead center position.Lubricate the guide rail of the slider once, and clean and lubricate the ball screw and linear guide weekly.Lubricate the guide rails and screws of oth

  • 2020-04-28

    A bending machine is a machine that can bend a thin plate. When in use, the coil is energized by a wire, and after being energized, it generates a gravitational force on the pressing plate, thereby realizing the clamping of the thin plate between the pressing plate and the base.The modern bending ma

  • 2020-04-27

    When using a CNC bending machine for work, there may be some use errors. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to it. If there is a problem with the bending machine, it should be checked. The first step of the inspection is whether the mold used by the bending machine is worn or damaged. If

  • 2020-04-22

    When the bending machine is working, each part includes the synchronization system, the slider part, the material blocking mechanism andthe worktable part. The synchronization system here is composed of torsion shaft, swing arm, joint bearing and other parts. The overallstructure is simple and the p

  • 2019-01-09

    To Saudi Arabia DURMAPRESS® WC67K 160T 6000 CNC Hydraulic Press Brake With TP10S blade Machine list: Hydraulic Press Brake Machine WC67K 160T 6000 1 set blade

  • 2018-05-28

    To Zimbabwe – port of Durban
    DURMAPRESS® WC67K 125T 3200 CNC Press Brake With Delem DA52S

    Machine list:
    CNC Press Brake Machine WC67K 125T 3200 1 set

    Shipping Date :
    Packing way: 40 feet HQ (FCL)
    ETD: 2018 June 30th
    ETA: 2018 July 21st

  • 2018-05-24

    3 sets machine shiiping to Slovenia

  • 2017-08-24

    To Russia – DURMAPRESS® WC67Y-63T2500 hydraulic press brake with E21 NC control system Machine list:1 Press Brake With E21 SystemWC67Y-63T25002setsShipment data:Packing way:1X40HQETD: 2017 Aug 17thETA: 2017 Aug 21th

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