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  • 2022-02-11

    Hydraulic bending machine and CNC bending machine purchase noticeChoose a few problems to consider bending machineHydraulic bending machine and CNC bending machine equipment in its processing field and the nature of the process is different, because as a manufacturer in the purchase of bending machi

  • 2021-12-29

    Analysis and elimination of common faults of CNC bending machineI. Excessive noise of the oil pump (too fast heating) and damage of the oil pump 1. The suction pipe of the oil pump leaks or the liquid level of the oil tank is too low, resulting in the suction of the oil pump 2. The oil temperature i

  • 2021-12-07

    1. First, switch on the 2113 power supply, turn on the switch on the control panel, and then start the oil pump 5261, so that you can hear the rotation sound of the oil pump in 4102. (The machine does not move at this time)2, stroke adjustment, use must pay attention to adjust the stroke, must be te

  • 2021-12-02

    haracteristics of electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine and its application processThe mold of the electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine includes a bracket, a workbench and a clamping plate. When used, the wire is energized to the coil, and after energized, the pressure plate generates g

  • 2021-11-16

    How to use CNC bending machine to fold different angles, 90 degree Angle above can be unified use up and down 90 degree mold, less than 90 degree Angle will use v-type up and down mold. Debug Angle to use a single step slowly debugging.Fold the Angle of more than 90 degrees with experience, if the b

  • 2021-11-10

    For the operation of automatic CNC bending machine, every step is not negligible. Operations before starting:Before starting the machine, the operator should check all aspects of oil, mold, etc., including whether there is enough oil at the centralized oil supply place of each part. In addition, whe

  • 2021-11-09

    WE67K export electro-hydraulic synchronous hydraulic CNC bending machine performance characteristics:Streamline design, high speed, high precision, high rigidity CNC sheet bending machine.Electro hydraulic servo system, full closed loop control slider synchronization.Hydraulic disturbance compensati

  • 2021-11-08

    CNC bending machine normal operation should pay attention to safety mattersCNC bending machine is one of the common equipment in modern mold processing. Most CNC bending machine is the main way of working on the piston press, its driving force has characteristics, specific and bending machine mold p

  • 2021-10-28

    Torsional shaft synchronous CNC bending machineTorsional shaft synchronous CNC bending machine with stable performance, easy to use, cost-effective, can meet the needs of different users.Product Introduction:As the key production equipment of metal sheet metal, the structure of the bending machine a

  • 2021-10-18

    CNC bending machine mold includes a bracket, a workbench and a clamping plate. When used, the wire is energized to the coil, and after energized, the pressure plate produces gravity, so as to achieve the clamping of the plate and the base between the plate and the plate. Due to the use of electromag

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