Hydraulic plate bending machine

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  • 2022-12-02
    [Maanshan famous bending machine mold products WC67Y series] This hydraulic plate bending machine is equipped with excellent Angle compensation deviceThis series WC67K full CNC bending machine, its control form and ordinary bending machine, simple CNC bending machine has the essence of different, is
  • 2022-08-03
    Hydraulic plate bending machine has been widely used because of the following advantages:1, the journey is long, at any point in the journey can produce the maximum pressure;2, with overload protection, will not damage the mold and machine;3, adjust stroke, pressure, speed is simple and convenient,
  • 2021-08-12
    one Features:1. The upper stage of the frame is fixed by inclined block. Compared with the welding frame, there will be no skew and winding, and the long-term use can also maintain high accuracy. At the same time, for the micro elastic deformation of the processing time frame, the working table forw
  • 2021-08-03
    In the operation of hydraulic plate bending machine, I believe that many friends are curious about its bending operation in the end to carry out the specific operation of the movement process, in fact, its internal movement process is mainly divided into oil pump start, downward movement, bending, d
  • 2021-06-21
    Major parts supporting manufacturers1. Hydraulic system: Doc Rexroth2. Sealing element: Japan NOK3. Oil Pump: Sunny from the United States4. Electrical components: Schneider5. Jacket joint: Germany6. Ball screw: Taiwan7. Linear guide rail: Taiwan8.E200P system: Nanjing EstonUse of the machineThe fol
  • 2021-06-11
    The structure of hydraulic plate bending machine is mainly composed of a frame, a foot switch, a bending Angle positioning mechanism, a horizontal retaining positioning mechanism, a bending mechanism and an electrical control system.Bending Angle positioning mechanism is composed of servo motor and
  • 2020-12-16
    The hydraulic oil in the CNC bending machine is used as the working medium in the hydraulic transmission system, which plays the role of energy transmission, conversion and control. At the same time, it also plays the role of lubrication, corrosion prevention, rust prevention and cooling of various
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