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fiber laser cutting

The articles shown below are all about the fiber laser cutting, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the fiber laser cutting. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these fiber laser cutting articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • 2021-07-20

    1. Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine▶ Excellent beam quality: smaller focusing spot, more fine cutting lines, higher working efficiency and better processing quality;▶ Higher cutting speed: 2 times of CO2 laser cutting machine of the same power;▶ High stability: the use of imported fiber las

  • 2021-07-12

    Method/Step 1: The first class YAG solid - state 4000w fiber laser cutting machine YAG solid - state laser cutting machine has the characteristics of low price and good stability, but low energy efficiencyMain advantages: can cut other laser cutting machine can cut the aluminum plate, copper plate a

  • 2021-07-05

    YC-GB3015 plate and tube fiber laser cutting machine 1000w, also known as plate and tube dual-purpose fiber laser cutting machine can not only cut plate, but also can cut pipe profiles (including square pipe, round pipe, channel steel, Angle steel, etc.), and carbon steel, stainless steel can cut. O

  • 2021-07-02

    People with basic common sense know that the laser is harmful to the human body, but often because of the operator's weak cognition, and ignore their own necessary protection, here is a brief introduction:International classification of lasersThis classification is the International Standard Classif

  • 2021-06-29

    With the recovery of the global economy and the rapid development of laser technology, 3000 watt fiber laser cutting machine technology has been widely used in aerospace, rail transit, automotive manufacturing, sheet metal processing and other key industries. The advent of fiber laser cutting machin

  • 2021-06-25

    1.5kw fiber laser cutting machine use different auxiliary gases to cut different materials. The thickness of the cutting material is different, the pressure of the auxiliary gas and the required flow are not the same, the pressure of the auxiliary gas has a direct impact on the results of laser cutt

  • 2021-06-22

    With the increasing popularity of 10,000-watt power cutting heads, we find more and more cases of protective lens cracking. Investigate its reason, mostly is caused by the pollution on the lens. When the power is increased to more than ten thousand watts, once the dust pollution on the lens appears,

  • 2021-06-17

    With the gradual maturity of domestic lasers, to break the monopoly of the price of imported lasers, now the manufacturers of domestic 4kw fiber laser cutting machine also with the price reduction, but also gradually increased, which also means that the domestic demand for laser cutting machine is a

  • 2021-06-16

    Laser embroidery machine its working principle is the high intensity laser that sends out through the laser, control its movement track by advanced vibration mirror, carve and design on all sorts of cloth fabric perforate, create a fashion, the effect that leads the tide comes. The effect that it gi

  • 2021-04-21

    Application of laser cutting machineAdvantages of laser cutting machineMethod/Step 1:Cutting quality(1) laser cutting narrow slits, can save raw materials,(2) the verticality of the cutting seam is good and the surface is smooth and clean.It can be used for forming and welding parts without subseque

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