Numerical control bending machine body model simplification

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Numerical control bending machine body model simplification

Using SolidWorks2006 software to establish the body CAD three-dimensional solid model. CAD model is a geometric model, which must be converted into CAE model in order to carry out static and dynamic simulation calculation. At present, there are still many problems in transforming 3d solid model generated by professional CAD software into CAE model, and CAE model cannot be generated by direct transfer of many complex models. Therefore, the structural CAD model must be simplified and modified appropriately. According to the structure characteristics and working conditions of Numerical control bending machine, the following simplification principles are determined:

E300 折弯机3

Numerical control bending machine

1. Simplify the parts such as screw holes, pin holes and rounded corners that will obviously not affect the overall stiffness and strength of the fuselage, and ignore the holes made for lifting convenience and installation of other devices on the outer plate and the inner plate.

2. Regard the guide rail as a free interface, and the weak transfer between the slider and the guide rail.

3. Consider the fixed foundation bolt as the infinite stiffness, and consider the foundation bolt and the ground as fixed constraints.

4. Ignore the accessories that have little influence on the overall stress state.

5. Set the joint strength of welding equal to that of forging.

6. Keep details of dangerous areas.


The purpose of these simplifications and modifications is to avoid the large number of finite element elements generated during the finite element meshing of small features and small structures, and increase the computing time of the computer. In addition, small features will also cause the degradation of grid quality and affect the analysis accuracy of structure [33][34]. Considering the complexity of force transfer, in the process of modeling, in order to accurately obtain the stress value of the welding part between the hydraulic cylinder bottom plate and the side plate, the hydraulic cylinder is regarded as a part of the model, which can be more convenient for loading processing.

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