Numerical control bending machine hydraulic oil pollution hazard timely treatment method

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Numerical control bending machine hydraulic oil pollution hazard timely treatment method

CNC bending mechanism dynamic hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system plays a transfer, wear resistance, system lubrication, corrosion, rust prevention, cooling and other functions. The use of hydraulic oil belongs to the industrial hydraulic system, the causes of hydraulic oil pollution are various and complex. At the same time, the hydraulic oil itself is constantly changing in use. Therefore, it is difficult to completely solve the problem of hydraulic oil pollution.

Harm of hydraulic oil pollution of Numerical control bending machine

Serious oil pollution will directly affect the performance of the hydraulic system. What is more terrible is that it will lead to frequent brake system failures and shorten the life of hydraulic bending machine components.

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The main cause of these hazards is particles in dust and, in the case of hydraulic parts, these solid particles entering the parts can increase wear on the sliding parts of the parts. In addition, it can block throttle holes, damping holes in hydraulic components, or spool stuck, resulting in hydraulic system failure.

In addition, the mixing of water and air reduces lubrication of hydraulic fluids, accelerates oxidation of hydraulic fluids, and produces cavitation corrosion. Therefore, the accelerated corrosion of hydraulic components will cause vibration and noise in the hydraulic oil system of press.

Measures to prevent hydraulic oil pollution of CNC bending machine

In order to prolong the service life of the hydraulic system components and ensure the reliable operation of the hydraulic system, it is feasible to control the hydraulic oil pollution in a certain range.

There are two main aspects:

One is to prevent contaminants from entering the hydraulic system, and the other is to remove contaminants that have entered the system.

In addition, pollution control should be throughout the whole stage, including the design, manufacture, installation, use, maintenance, repair and so on of hydraulic devices.

To prevent pollution, CNC bending machine in practical work to take the following measures:

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Keep hydraulic pressure clean before use

Hydraulic oil is susceptible to contamination during transportation and storage. The newly bought hydraulic fluid looks clean, but it's actually dirty. It must be left to sit for a few days before it is filtered into the hydraulic system for use.

After equipment is shipped to the money to keep the oil clean

The fuel tank of the CNC bending machine must be kept clean during the manufacturing process. In addition, the hydraulic system should be thoroughly cleaned after assembly and before operation. Therefore, after the manufacture and assembly is completed and the test run is qualified, we will empty the hydraulic oil in it before shipping it to the customer. This ensures that the hydraulic oil will not leak or be contaminated during transportation. After the machine is delivered to the customer, the customer is taught to install, add hydraulic fluid and run the machine again.

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Keep clean at work

Numerical control bending machine in the use of the process, hydraulic oil will be polluted by the environment, so we should prevent the invasion of air and water. To eliminate water, gas and contaminants completely, use a fully sealed tank. Add air filters to the vents to keep out dust, abrasives and coolant. However, users still need to check and replace seals regularly.

Use appropriate oil filters.

This is an important means to control hydraulic oil pollution. Professional manufacturers will choose different filtering methods, different precision and different filter structures according to the requirements of the equipment. The customer must check and clean the oil filter and fuel tank regularly.

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Replace the hydraulic oil regularly

After extensive investigation, many users have never changed hydraulic oil to save money. As a result, the machine was badly damaged or even unable to work. The hydraulic fluid must be checked and replaced regularly, and the tank must be cleaned before new fluid is injected.

Control the oil temperature of hydraulic press

High working temperature of hydraulic oil is harmful to hydraulic device. In addition, high temperature will accelerate the deterioration of the oil itself, produce a variety of products, shorten its service life. In general, all hydraulic systems should operate at a temperature below 65 ° C. The hydraulic system of CNC bending machine should be controlled below 55℃.

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