Numerical control cnc hydraulic press brake programming operations and models

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Numerical control cnc hydraulic press brake programming operations and models

Cnc hydraulic press brake how to program? Accompanied by bending machine demand growth, industry competition intensifying, many bending vendors would find folded bending machine in the industrial production of the demand is higher and higher, especially the bending machine mould quality and layout, in general the better bending machine mold, programming, simple operation, and the higher popularity in the market, The following content we will come to understand the numerical control bending machine programming operation steps and operation details.

First, CNC bending machine programming operation steps

1. Power on the bending machine

In the first step, we need to switch on the power supply of the bending machine, directly open the switch on the bending press brake machine, and then press the oil pump start switch. When the oil pump starts to run normally, it will run for 60-100s;


2. Stroke adjustment test

In the second step, we need to test the stroke adjustment of the bending machine. We need to ensure that the upper die of the bending machine is left with a gap of sheet thickness when it goes down to the bottom. Otherwise, it will damage the grinding tools of the bending machine and affect the service life of the bending machine.


3, the size of the bending notch selection

In this step, we need to choose the size of the slot in the program. If the product is a 6mm sheet bending, then we need to choose about 48mm slot. The selection is based on 8 times the width of the sheet thickness, which is a fixed normal range value;


4. Adjustment specification of rear stopper

In the fourth step, we need to confirm whether the position and size of the rear stopper conform to the size set by programming.


The stampede began to work

After the above four procedures and steps are completed, as long as we press the pedal, we can start the product bending treatment. It should be noted that the bending machine can be loosened at any time, and the loosening is to stop the work;


Two, CNC bending machine programming operation details

I believe that many beginners in the process of learning to use the bending machine will be difficult to master, in fact, as long as we learn while practicing can find the feeling, generally speaking, the use of bending machine will have NUMERICAL control programming operation specifications, as long as the process step by step to basically practice a few days can master.


In addition, it should be noted that the bending machine in practice before the use of the best technical personnel in the side, some regular manufacturers will also be for different users for professional training, according to the instructions to operate. Of course, apprentices often need to follow the master carefully, which can speed up the process of mastering the skill.


The above is the CNC bending machine programming operation steps to explain all the content to share with you, for your reference. Objectively speaking, it is not difficult to learn to use the bending machine. The difficult thing is that the bending machine may have some faults when it works. At this time, we need users to master certain knowledge and skills, and improve their operating experience to make more accurate judgments and decisions.

What are the models of CNC bending machine? Bending sheet metal continue reprocessing is a lot of enterprises needs a process, it will need to use the bending machine, bending machine in light industry, shipbuilding, electrical appliances, stainless steel products, decoration and other industries has been extensive application, in the actual application process, the bending machine for sheet metal processing, often need different industries, different needs bending model number is different, Let's get to know the model of CNC bending machine.

Objectively speaking, the bending machine stretches, bending, punching and pressing the sheet material into different sizes through different types of molds. The industry models can be roughly divided into: 160T/3200, 250T/4000, 400T/4000, 160T/6000, 100T/3200, 300T/5000, 200T/5000, 125T/4000, 100T/3200, 500T/4000, 125T/3200, 100T/3200, 100T/3200, 100T/3200, 125T/3200, 100T/3200, 100T/3200, 200T/6000, 250T/5000, 40T/1500, 300T/6000, 400T/5000, 300T/4000, 250T/3200, 63T/2500, 30T×1600, 40T×2500, 63T×2500, 63T×2500, 40T×22 00, 125×4000, 100T×3200, 160T×4200, 250T×3200, 160T×4000, 125T×3200, 200T×4000, 100T×4000, 200T×3200, 160T×4000, etc.


In addition, although different types of bending machine can be applied to different industrial industries, but because of different types of bending machine and bending machine economic cost is different, CNC bending machine can be divided into mechanical bending, hydraulic bending, hydraulic bending synchronous mode types also have many kinds, Including machinery, machine liquid, torsional axis synchronous, electro-hydraulic synchronization is the most common way of synchronization, the use of specific way to lift, lift, control mode is divided into normal control, standard control, economic control, each manufacturer of different types of bending machine configuration is different, business owners need to buy according to their own actual situation.


Generally speaking, all types of bending machine manufacturers are first-line brands, because of its good quality, customer groups and reputation, so the industry will give a high evaluation. Although different enterprises to purchase bending machine according to their own bending product thickness, actual demand for reference, but if the company is not large, it is recommended to understand the affordable bending machine products, quality, reputation is actually good, cost-effective will be very high, more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises for sheet bending.



The above is about the numerical control bending machine model all content to share with you, for your reference. It is important to note: enterprise need what style sheet metal bending, should choose to suit bend this kind of style of bending machine, from its type, appearance, manufacturer, brand and reputation, synthetically considering cost, because only in this way can enterprises to control their production costs as well, at the same time also can improve the efficiency of their bending. Of course, according to the thickness of the bending product to choose the appropriate bending model number is also an important reference value.


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