Numerical control DMP NC1530 Portable Plasma Cutting Machine light radiation five parameters correlation

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Numerical control DMP NC1530 Portable Plasma Cutting Machine light radiation five parameters correlation

Numerical control DMP NC1530 Portable Plasma Cutting Machine in the cutting process by the NC1530 Portable Plasma Cutting Machine arc light caused by light radiation pollution is one of the main hazards, in one case, strong light radiation hazards can be prevented by wearing a protective mirror, for high-power Portable Plasma Cutting Machine equipment can also be fully closed workshop to control,This paper will focus on the numerical control plasma cutting machine on the five core parameters of the formation of radiation hazards.

The five core parameters related to the use of CNC plasma cutting machine include:

  1. Arc height of CNC plasma cutting machine

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That is, the arc height, because the plasma arc is a rugby shape, so the arc height seriously affects the cutting quality, if the choice is not appropriate, will form the cutting surface is not vertical or serious bias, generally speaking, the arc height of the thick plate is less than the thin plate.

2. CNC plasma cutting machine arc pressure

The output plasma energy is adjusted by adjusting the arc pressure. The larger the arc pressure is, the greater the output energy is.

3. Delay of CNC plasma cutting machine

It is mainly used for perforation. The purpose of delay is to perforate normally, which is the time required from perforation to travel during cutting. The delay time of thick plate is greater than that of thin plate.

4. CNC plasma cutting machine movement speed

Reasonable parameters as long as an optimal movement speed.

5. CNC plasma cutting machine automatic height adjustment system

In the automatic height adjustment system, the main adjustment is the perforation height. The setting of the perforation height is to maintain the cutting torch during the perforation. The unreasonable perforation height is easy to damage the vulnerable parts and even form the serious result of burning and robbery.

The above five core parameters caused by the numerical control plasma cutting machine electro-optical radiation intensity is very large, which is mainly composed of ultraviolet radiation, visible light radiation and infrared radiation, especially ultraviolet intensity, such as wavelength 260-290μm ultraviolet radiation relative intensity is 2.2 times of argon arc welding.The harm to the human body in addition to light radiation, smoke and other toxic gases, high intensity high frequency noise, high frequency oscillator produced by the high frequency cause harm to the human body.Therefore, the plasma cutting machine operation post is a Z level toxic and harmful jobs.

Plasma is a special form of matter, which is listed in modern physics as the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid and gas states.

Plasma arc is a compression arc obtained by forced "compression" of free arc through mechanical compression, thermal compression and magnetic shrinkage. Its energy concentration, high temperature (arc center temperature 18000-24000K), flame velocity up to 300m/s or more.

Plasma cutting is to use the high temperature of the plasma arc column to melt the cut material, and blow away from the base material to form a slit to separate the material.Therefore, the scope of application is much larger than oxidation cutting.

How to maintain the air plasma cutting machine?

The running quality of air plasma cutting machine directly affects the accuracy of cutting.This requires attention to some operational details in the operation of the air plasma cutting machine, of course, this is far from enough, the usual maintenance is also not less.Below, plasma cutting machine manufacturers and everyone together to understand the air plasma cutting machine maintenance methods and matters needing attention.

Maintenance method of plasma cutting machine:


1. Install the cutting torch correctly

Install the cutting torch correctly and carefully to ensure that all parts fit well and that the gas and cooling air flow.Install all parts on a clean flannelette to avoid dirt sticking to the parts.Add appropriate lubricating oil to the O ring, which is subject to the brightness of the 0 ring, and can not be added.

2. Consumable parts should be replaced in time before they are completely damaged

Do not replace consumable parts after they are completely damaged, because severely worn electrodes, nozzle and vortex ring will produce uncontrollable plasma arc, which can easily cause serious damage to the cutting torch.Therefore, when the cutting quality decreases for the first time, consumables should be checked in a timely manner.

3. Clean the connecting thread of the cutting torch

During the replacement of consumable parts or routine maintenance and inspection, make sure that the internal and external threads of the cutting torch are clean. If necessary, clean or repair the connecting threads.

4. Clean the contact surface between the electrode and the nozzle

In many cutting torches, the contact surface between nozzle and electrode is charged contact surface. If there is dirt on these contact surfaces, the cutting torch will not work properly. Hydrogen peroxide cleaning agent should be used to clean the torch.

5, day check gas and cooling gas

Check the flow and pressure of gas and cooling airflow every day. If it is found that the flow is insufficient or there is leakage, stop immediately to troubleshoot.

6. Avoid collision damage of cutting torch


In order to avoid the collision damage of the cutting torch, it is necessary to program correctly to avoid the over-limit walking of the system and install the anti-collision device to effectively avoid the damage of the cutting torch during the collision.

7, the most common cause of cutting torch damage

A. Cutting torch collision.

B. Destructive plasma arc caused by dirt.

C. Damaging plasma arc caused by damage of consumable parts.D, loose parts | destructive plasma arc

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