Numerical control Plasma Cutters Welding Equipment cutting size is not allowed what reason

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Numerical control Plasma Cutters Welding Equipment cutting size is not allowed what reason

What are the reasons why the workpiece size is not allowed when the Plasma Cutters Welding Equipment is cutting, and what is the most fundamental reason for these reasons?

A software, programming errors, sometimes we may at the time of operation, accidentally appear some mistakes, such as certain Numbers accidentally press the wrong, then there is no correct function, can produce nc code appear some problems, the size of the line, there is A big error when many breakthrough point introduction and lead to the existence of dislocation phenomenon, Can also cause the full plate nesting when the workpiece spacing deviation.

B, the precision of the Plasma Cutters Welding, the main precision of the machine is to master the parallelism and levelness, the levelness of the cutting platform also affects the precision of the workpiece. The general precision of the idea is affected by the numerical control system and motion control card, especially the pulse, will cause the cutting circle when the circle is not round, and then the size of the large parts does not conform to the standard.


C, the quality of the plasma cutting machine cutting mouth, we still want to pay attention to, the quality of the general cutting mouth will affect the quality of the workpiece surface and the flatness of the cutting side, the cutting degree must be the cutting platform is consistent, otherwise it will affect the size of the phenomenon of unequal size.

D. When cutting, if the parts are deformed, it will also produce the problem of unequal size. When programming, the use of reasonable lead position and cutting direction can reduce the deformation. We can add some cooling devices according to the need, and can fix its model, so as to prevent their deformation. The internal stress of the material will release and redistribute with the removal of the material, which will lead to the displacement and deformation of the steel plate.

E, sometimes CNC plasma cutting machine in the cutting, will run back and forth, regularly run to check whether there is a problem with the program through simulation, if the program is no problem to check the system software (including shaft card built-in software), The loosening of the data line causes the system to have bad contact with the servo control line and the loss of servo feedback signal. Therefore, if there is a problem in the size of the operation, we can take it into consideration in this regard.

F, or the increase or decrease of gas flow will also affect, so if the gas flow is too large, it will shorten the arc column, increase the heat loss, weaken the cutting ability, and lead to errors in the size.


G. The appropriate distance of electrode shrinkage can make the arc compress well in the cutting nozzle, and the plasma arc with concentrated energy and high temperature can be obtained for effective cutting. If the distance is too large or too small, the electrode will be seriously burned, the cutting nozzle will be burned out and the cutting ability will be reduced. The general shrinkage can not exceed 8-11mm.

Through the above can be summarized, in fact, the influence of CNC plasma cutting machine cutting size is not standard reasons for the use of many kinds, so we in the operation, try to make the standard size yes, because it will not only not waste time will not waste more raw materials.

With the rapid development of modern mechanical processing, CNC cutting machine has been popularized in each processing production enterprises, of which the most widely used gantry CNC cutting machine, and the general gantry CNC cutting machine, we can according to customer demand for cutting the steel plate thickness, configured to a fire, flame cutting and plasma cutting amphibious aircraft, Here today we mainly talk about the daily maintenance of gantry CNC plasma cutting machine should pay attention to the problem, gantry CNC plasma cutting machine work site and working environment is relatively bad, metal dust is relatively large. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of the machine, should be responsible for the lubrication, repair and maintenance of the equipment by special person!


First, safe operation

1. CNC flame cutting machine is a kind of precision equipment, so the operation of the cutting machine must be done three (fixed person, fixed machine, fixed post).

2. The operator must be professionally trained and skilled in operation. Non-professionals should not move.

3. Before the operation, it must be confirmed that there is no external interference, and after everything is normal, the plate cut shall be suspended on the cutting platform, and the plate shall not exceed the cutting range (Note: be careful when lifting).

II. Daily maintenance and maintenance:

1. The dirt of the machine tool and the guide rail must be cleaned every working day to keep the bed clean. When off duty, the air source and power supply must be turned off and the residual air in the pipe belt of the machine tool must be drained.

2. If you leave the machine for a long time, turn off the power to prevent non-professional operation.

3. Pay attention to the horizontal and longitudinal guide rails and rack surfaces of the machine for lubricating oil, to keep them well lubricated!

III. Weekly maintenance and maintenance:


1. Carry out a comprehensive cleaning of the machine every week, including cleaning the transverse and longitudinal guide rails, transmission gear and rack, and filling with lubricating oil.

2. Check whether the horizontal and longitudinal rail erasers work normally. If not, replace them in time.

3. Check whether all the cutting torches are loose, clean up the garbage at the muzzle of the ignition gun, and keep the ignition normal.

4. If there is an automatic heightening device, detect whether it is sensitive and whether the probe should be replaced.

5. Check whether the plasma cutting nozzle and electrode are damaged or need to be replaced. 

Combined with the three points described above, is the gantry type CNC plasma cutting machine daily maintenance needs to pay attention to the problem, hope that the majority of users safety standard operation machine.

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