Numerical control CNC plate shearing machine work specification introduction

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Numerical control CNC plate shearing machine work specification introduction

Numerical control plate shearing machine work specification introduction

The CNC plate cutter is firmly fixed on the foundation, and the locking nut on the anchor bolt shall not be loosened. The tool rest moves up and down smoothly. Hydraulic transmission CNC plate shearing machine, the tool rest (or slide block) in the specified range of travel without crawling, stagnation, vibration and obvious impact phenomenon. The pressing foot of the oblique device of CNC plate shearing machine has no serious wear, and the plate is under uniform pressure.

The working process and action sequence of mechanical and hydraulic CNC shears are normal.When CNC shears stop, the upper tool rest should stop at the specified position.

Work table flat, clean, no welding scar and grease.

Feeding device rolling, lifting and other flexible and reliable action.

In the shear process, the clutch and the brake interlock with each other, that is, when the clutch is combined, the brake should be removed first, after the clutch is removed, the brake is closed and the motor vibrates.

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The pneumatic friction clutch and brake are correctly and firmly installed in the drive shaft and flywheel, and ensure the sequence of action, interlocking, sensitive and reliable compressed air without leakage.

Pneumatic motorcycle clutch and brake parts complete intact, flexible adjustment, good effect.

Pneumatic friction clutch and brake friction disc and disc without wear and heat.

The rigid clutch and the belt brake should be interlocked. The actual contact surface of the brake belt is not less than 75% of the friction surface.

In case of emergency braking, the clutch can be immediately released, and the brake belt will brake the rotating shaft, braking.

The operation of clutch, brake and its control mechanism is coordinated, accurate and reliable.

There is no blockage and leakage in hydraulic and lubricating system. There is no leakage in the gas pipeline system. The lubricating oil of the guide rail has a return oil or a filling device.

left side

Hydraulic and pneumatic system, equipped with hydraulic and pneumatic pressure suddenly disappear or liquid and gas supply interruption protection measures and display.

When working, the oil temperature in the tank is lower than 50℃, and it should be lower than 60℃ after 24 hours of continuous full load.

Pressure gauges in the hydraulic system of CNC shears should be clear, sensitive, accurate and reliable. Do not use pressure gauges without lead seals.

The smooth and irregular impact sound of gear rotation. The noise of nc plate shears in idle operation is less than 90dB. The flywheel is firmly fixed on the shaft and rotates smoothly.

Flywheel shaft should be equipped with overload clutch or other overload protection device, and sensitive and reliable. The drive gear exposed outside the bed.

Belt wheel, flywheel, coupling and other rotating parts that may endanger personal safety are equipped with protective devices.

A protective baffle must be provided for the dangerous parts where the shear head may fly out. Protective measures must be provided for the dangerous parts of the knife rest and press device of the cutting plate.

CNC shears block type protective device such as baffle, cover, net can achieve the width of the protective fence and the width of the scissors or the width of the table, and can prevent entering the danger zone of shearing and pressing materials; Easy to observe and operate, and not easy to be arbitrarily removed by the operator.

Supporting copper ball rolling flexible feeding convenience. The tool rest of CNC shears is closely attached to the fixed joint surface of the supporting surface.

The tool rest is installed correctly and the fixing screws are tightened.

The blade working clearance adjustment device is reliable to lock, and the adjusting bolt has no sliding wire, random buckle and protruding phenomenon on the working table.

Tool rest balancing device has self-locking safety structure and protection measures.

The tool rest balancing device can ensure that the tool rest is balanced at any position of the stroke.

The material retaining device has accurate material retaining, flexible adjustment, convenient material feeding, reliable use and complete material retaining and yielding mechanism.

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Contact with the moving parts of the machine tool. The opening and closing of movable protective fence should be interlocked with the tool rest.

Fixed protection fence of CNC plate shearing machine shall not be opened when the tool rest or other moving parts are running.

The electrical equipment meets the design requirements, the nameplate is clear, and the installation is firm. The electrical connection is good, and the wire connector has anti-loosening measures.

The electric appliance that has vibration effect should be shockproof measure. Pneumatic control system should have emergency stop button.

The start "button" has a protective ring higher than the head of the button, which is installed in the button box with an iron box, and locked, so as not to be operated by others.

Nc plate shearing machine motor wiring needs to cover with metal protection tube; The door of the electrical box is complete and tightly closed, the clamping screws (or door locks) are complete and fastened, the interior is kept clean and dry, and all electrical parts and wiring terminals are not loose; Machine tool protection grounding (zero) line is good.

The ladder, platform and fence set above 2m above the ground are in accordance with the national standard GB4053.2-83; GB4053.3-83; GB4053.4-83.

CNC plate shearing machine ladder must be interlocked with the active shaft control measures, the ladder maintenance can be disconnected from the main transmission power.

CNC shears should be famous brand and indicating lubrication, control and safety signs or signs.

All kinds of auxiliary devices with the host should be equipped with protective devices for the parts that endanger personal safety.

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