Operation Instruction Hydraulic Q35Y ironworkers——Main use

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Operation Instruction Hydraulic Q35Y ironworkers——Main use

Hydraulic Q35Y  ironworkers  Main use

The machine is mainly used for cutting flat bar, profile, bunching hole and notching, IT can widely used in shipyard, electric, bridge, automobile, hoisting & transportation, metal construction and other machinery factories etc.


Performance & features

Flat bar cutting, profile cutting, bunching hole and notching, work can be performed on the machine within the rated specification. With extra equipment, the machine is able to cut, punch and bend in special shape.

The machine adopted hydraulic driving system and have a perfect structure, with light weight and low noise, stable performance and overload protecting device.


Hydraulic ronworkers Construction

1. The bed can be seen in flag.1

The bed of the machine is composed body, seat, bracket for section, bracket for angle and cutting table.

The body and the seat are of weld construction, others are of bolt-connected ones which give  the machine great strength and rigidity and allow easy dismounting during repairing the machine.

An adjustable pad for limiting the left-right movement of the blade is mounted on the right housing. An adjustable hold-down for holding the angle to be cut is fitting station.

With the square and around aperture of various sizes on the section cutting blade, the machine is able to cut various square and round bars.

The shearing table is fitted with a stop finger to allow accurate cutting of angle and flat bar at any angle.


1. Section cutting station(Flag.2)

This station is fitted as standard with blades which is a solid structure and has four apertures to cut angle, flat bars and notch steel plate. With extra toolings on the square and round bars cutting aperrutes channel and joist bars cutting can also be performed. The beam is connected with the oil cylinder of which the top end is swings to perform cutting.

The upper notching blade is fixed on the beam, there are 3 lower blades which are separately fixed on the die seat with both, and the notching blades on both side can be adjusted to allow sufficient cutting clearance. A side guage and a back guage are fitted on the notching table to allow the plate to be notched on the correct position.

2. Punching hole(Flag.3)

The punching is fixed on the lower end of the piston rod of the oil cylinder with lockong nut and the die is fixed in the adaptor.

After the punching and die are aligned each other, the bolts should be tightened. To punch square and long round hole, thire is a guide on the side surface of the piston rod, besides, a long round positioning.

Slot is milled on the pad and the top of punch to prevent the punch from being turned, with addittional toolings on this sation, bending, tube notching, louvre punching, large hole punching, channel, jofst, web punching work can all be performed.

Hydraulic system

1 after te motor is started, oil folw, which is compressed out from thhe pump(1), retuns to tie oil tank via the 3-position-4-way solenoid valve(3), (6) and the throttle valve (7) to enable to pump to be discharged.

2 by turning the mode knob to the “SINGLE” position and depressing the foot pedal ror punching hole, the electromagnet YV6 are turned on, hydraulicoil folws into the top chamber returned on, hydraulic folws into the top chamber of the punching unit through the valve (3), so the punch moves downward to perform punching, when the punch is storred. When the punch touches the limit switch at thelower dead point, YV5b and YV6are tured of the punch is stooped at the top ded point. In the same way, by depressing the foot pedal for cutting section, oil enters the top chamber of the oil cylinder for cutting section, oil in the lower chamber returns to the oil tamd via the solenoid value.

(3) so the blade moves downward to perform cutting work. When the balde touches the linit switch at the lower ded point, YV7b and YV6are turned off, the balde is stopped at the lower ded point. When the foot pedal is released, YV7b and YV6turn on, oill enters the lower chanber in the oil cylinder for cutting cylinder, oil in the top chamber in the oil cylinder for cutting cylinder, oil in the top chanmper returns to il tank, so theblade moves upward, as the balde touches the linit switch at the top dead point. It is stopped ther.

(4) 3 by turing the mode knob to the  “INCHNG” position and depressing the foot pedal for punching ho;e, the electromgnet YV5a is turned on, apart of hydraulic oil enters the top chanper in oil cylinder for punching hole, and others return to the oil tank via.


The 2-position-4-way solenold valve (6) and the throttle valve (7), so the punch moves downward slowly.

Awahen the foot pedal is det to the middle position, YV5a is turned off and the pump is discharged, the punchis stopped immediately. If the foot pedal is suddenly released as the punch moves downward by inching operation the pumch will stp at any position. To drive the punch return to the stop dead point it is only necessary to rurn the knb to the “SINGLE” position. To operate the balde for cutting section moves downward by inchmeal, the operating sequence of the foot pedal is same as that above mensioned.

4 max working pressure in the hydraulic system is 250KG/cm924.5mpa), the adjustment range of pressure in the overfolw valve is 250Mpa. The entire hydraulic system is protected against overload by overfolw valve.

5 the machine is fiitted site a pressure gauge which is used to cheack preddure in the hydraulic system and adjust pressure after arplacing hydrauli elements. To use it, the end screw on the value block in removed, mount the pressure gauge and tighten it, then turn on the cock of the pressure gauge.

The pressure value are shown on the gauge during operation. The pressure in the gauge during operation. The pressure in the hydraulic system before delivering the machine has been properly adjusted to the max. Working value, so please do not readjust at your option.

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