Operation rules for CNC punch machines

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Operation rules for CNC punch machines

Operation rules for CNC punch machines 

1. CNC punch operators must undergo the necessary training, familiar with the mechanical properties and working principle of the equipment, do not understand the work of CNC punch can not be used to operate CNC punch.

2 operators in and move CNC punch before work, must do a good job of detailed preparation, including check whether the lubrication system is normal, mechanical properties meet the requirements, electrical equipment is normal, before stamping work, must first turn on the no-load operation check, everything is normal before putting into work.

3. Operators must be energetic and focused when working. If they feel mentally tired and difficult to adapt to work, they should have a proper rest and shall not be forced to work.

4. The operator must use the punch in strict accordance with the operation rules of CNC punch. If the equipment is found to be faulty, it should be stopped for inspection according to the rules or repaired by professional maintenance personnel.


5. When operating CNC foot switch, we must keep alert and calm attitude, and be careful to prevent stepping on the foot switch placed on the ground by mistake, to prevent workpiece injury, mechanical damage and workpiece scrap.

6. Operators shall not overload the use of CNC punch, CNC punch equipment should be familiar with all kinds of safety protection device and performance, the correct use of safety protection device.

7 CNC punch work, people can not stand in the planning of the safety line, except for the operation of special workpiece.

8. After each use of punch equipment, it is necessary to clean the equipment and add sufficient lubricating oil, keep the machinery in good condition, shut down the power supply and air source.

9. Correct and reasonable installation, adjustment and use of mold, mold with disease shall not be used.


10. Stop the machine immediately in case of any of the following situations:

1) The stop point of the slider is not accurate or it will slide down automatically after stopping

2) Abnormal sound of punch press

3) Stamping parts or waste materials are stuck in the mold, there is more than one blank on the mold at the same time, and waste materials on the mold are not removed in time

4) Blank or other quality problems are not allowed in stamping parts

5) When the equipment mold and other related devices fail, the machine must be shut down for inspection

6) Control device failure when the work is over or leave the work post should press the emergency stop.


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