Operation specification and standard configuration of WE67K-80T/2500 CNC Press Brake

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Operation specification and standard configuration of WE67K-80T/2500 CNC Press Brake

WE67K-80T/2500 CNC Press Brake, it is one of the more commonly used bending machines, which is mainly composed of the fuselage, torsion shaft, sliding block, stroke adjustment, front support frame, back gauge frame, mold, hydraulic system and electrical system Its main performance characteristics are:

(1) Its structure is simple and compact, and the body has good rigidity.

(2) The mechanical stop can be adjusted arbitrarily, so it can meet the requirements of free bending. Moreover, you can also control the length of the slider.

(3) A precision compensation mechanism is installed on the abrasive tool, so that higher bending precision can be obtained.

(4) It is easy to realize automatic operation, and there are some protection devices on the machine to ensure the safety of operation.

The operating specifications of hydraulic bending machine, its main contents are:

(1) Before using the bending machine, you should carefully read its related instructions to avoid blind operation and damage to the machinery and equipment.

(2) If it is operated by multiple persons, first confirm that there are no unsafe factors, and then step on the foot switch to ensure safety.

(3) The gap between the upper and lower molds should be uniform and reasonable, the pressure should be adjusted appropriately, and the bending machine should be kept clean and tidy.

Important contents of hydraulic sheet metal WE67K CNC Press Brake maintenance


Commissioning and operation

(1) After the hydraulic sheet metal CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine is installed and calibrated, it must be lubricated with lubricating oil to make it fully lubricated.

(2) Check the fastening bolts at the joints to see if they are loose and fasten them in time.

(3) Clean the fuel tank and check the filter to see if there is any problem.

(4) Check the electrical components. If there is any problem, deal with it in time. If there is no problem, then you can turn on the power, then start the motor and check whether the rotation of the oil pump is correct. If the steering is correct, it should be allowed to run dry for about three minutes.

(5) All electrical and hydraulic components should be checked for normal operation.

2. Maintenance

(1) Check the oil level of the oil tank every week to see if the oil level is too low and whether to add hydraulic oil.

(2) The temperature of the system oil should be controlled within the range of 35℃-60℃, too high temperature will damage the parts.

(3) The hydraulic components must be cleaned every month to prevent dirt from entering them.

(4) Check for abnormalities such as deformation at the bend of each tubing, and replace it immediately if any.

Technical Data


Iv. Machine structure features and standard configuration

The frame adopts all-steel integral welded structure, through normalizing and high-frequency vibration to eliminate internal stress, to ensure the overall accuracy of the machine tool, has excellent rigidity, has excellent anti-distortion, anti-tilt ability.The thickened workbench and the thickened slider make the whole machine very rigid, so the slider and the table deform very little when bending, and the workpiece has excellent straightness and Angle consistency.

Features and functions of the NUMERICAL control system

With double electrohydraulic proportional servo systems and servo motor drive control technology (the standard for the two way servo, can according to customer's demand), high performance industrial computer heightening qing touch-screen display interface, operating system with human intelligence, smart tips, practice while learning, greatly reduce degree of difficulty of learning machine operators, using both graphical and tabular data programming, automatic calculation of blanking length, extending deduction, etc.The features are as follows:

1.17 "TFT industrial touch HD LCD screen, LED long life and low power consumption backlight;

2. Man-machine dialogue, intelligent prompts, easy to understand, learn and use now;

3. Double display of large icon and Chinese characters;

4. Graphic display programming and operation, only input workpiece forming information and processing steps, the system automatically calculates the positioning value of X rear damper and R axis (automatically deducts the extension, etc.);

5. Switch self-diagnosis, automatic diagnosis of external switch status, error alarm prompt in Chinese;

6. Electro-hydraulic ratio and servo motor control, smooth running speed, fast response speed, high precision, greatly improve the processing efficiency;

7. Linkage of X-axis, Y-axis and R-axis;

8. One-way and two-way positioning function, effectively eliminate the lead screw clearance;

9. Y1,Y2 double Angle double compensation programming, convenient for the processing of special workpiece, to meet the needs of all walks of life;

10. Yield function, avoid the extrusion of the workpiece by the rear retaining device, reduce wear and improve the machining accuracy;

11. High-speed bending function, when processing multi-step workpiece, there is no need to return to the upper dead center during the process, and the upper die is intelligently raised to carry out the next bending. The waiting workpiece will return to the upper dead center after processing, which greatly improves the production efficiency;

12. Power off location memory function, on-site protection of parameters, locations and procedures;

13. Multi-step programming function, which can realize multi-step automatic operation, complete one-time processing of multi-step parts and improve production efficiency;

14. Multi-workpiece storage function, and the processing data can be Shared by multiple machine tools through U disk;

15. It has the function of automatic calculation of multi-stage gauge selection, and can choose whether the rear gauge is to be jacked or braced, so as to facilitate the processing of longer working parts;

16. Angle compensation function (when the actual Angle is inconsistent with the set Angle, it can be automatically compensated by simply entering the actual Angle);

17. Automatic return to reference point function can be set when starting up;

18. Remote assistance for updating, the CNC system can be upgraded remotely to facilitate system updating and maintenance.

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