Pendulum shearing machine using advantages

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Pendulum shearing machine using advantages

Pendulum shearing machine using advantages

On hydraulic pendulum shearing machine is a transmission of shearing machine, pendulum shearing machine of tool carrier on around a fixed axis for circular arc in the process of shear oscillation, leverage, fulcrum force is small, can improve the shear blade life, machine life, the machine has compact structure, and can adjust the tool post stroke volume on the promise, greatly improve the work efficiency.

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Precautions for using plate shears:

1, start the plate shearing machine operation idling several cycles, to ensure that under normal circumstances, try to shear different thickness of the plate, from thin to thick. Ensure that users are familiar with board cutting performance.

2, the test shear plate thickness must be adjusted to different blade clearance. If the blade clearance is not adjusted, the durability of the blade will be affected.

3. Open the pressure gauge switch and observe the oil pressure value during the shearing process. The pressure should be less than 20MPa when cutting 12mm plate. This remote pressure regulating valve

No9, the pressure is set to 20-22mpa when leaving the factory. Users must abide by this regulation and shall not increase the pressure for cutting beyond the specified material surface, resulting in machine damage.

4. Sound balance during operation. Stop for inspection if there is any noise.

5. When the plate shearer operates, the temperature of the fuel tank increases. Power off and rest when 60 degrees exceeds.

knife clearence

Hydraulic pendulum plate shearing machine is by using the main cylinder (fixed on the wall panel) to do downward shear movement, nitrogen cylinder return, so simplify the hydraulic system, more stable operation. The upper tool rest of pendulum shearing machine swings around a fixed axis in the process of shearing. Through the action of lever, the fulcrum has little force, which can improve the life of shearing blade and machine. The whole machine is compact in structure, and can adjust the stroke of the upper tool rest stepless, which greatly improves the working efficiency.

Plate shearing machine is generally composed of rack, pressing mechanism, blade clearance adjustment device, tool rest, hydraulic system and other parts.

1, the frame

The frame part adopts combined welding overall structure, with good rigidity, mainly composed of left and right column (wall panel), front wall panel, worktable, oil tank, etc.

2, pressing mechanism

The pressing mechanism is composed of a group of pressing feet mounted on the bottom of the frame beam. After passing into the pressure oil, the plunger of the pressing foot presses down the steel plate, and after cutting, the pressing foot rises and resets depending on the spring force.

3. Blade clearance adjustment device

The clearance adjustment is realized by turning the clearance adjustment handle to drive the fan-shaped gear meshing the two pinions on the shaft respectively, and then drive the eccentric bushing on the supporting shaft to rotate.

4, rest,

electrical box

The tool rest is a fully closed welded structure with high torsional resistance and good rigidity. It is connected with the frame through the two ends of the support shaft, and equipped with shear cylinder and return cylinder inside.

Shear cylinder for two plunger type hydraulic cylinder, respectively fixed on the left and right column, at the same time, is provided with two cylinder for tool rest return. When working, the pressure oil pushes the plunger of the cylinder to move downward to shear the tool rest, and compresses nitrogen in the cylinder; On return, the hydraulic system is unloaded, and the nitrogen in the cylinder expands to make the tool rest return.

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