Pneumatic punch press understanding operation guide

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Pneumatic punch press understanding operation guide

Pneumatic punch press compressor produced by the use of high pressure gas, through the pipeline compressed gas transport to the solenoid valve, through the foot switch to control the action of the solenoid valve to control the cylinder work and return, so as to achieve the purpose of punching.

The technology principle pneumatic punch press

Compressed air can be stored in a storage tank and readily available, so the motor does not waste energy idling. Using cylinder as working parts, using solenoid valve as control components, the machine structure is more simple, low failure rate, high safety, simple maintenance, lower maintenance cost, high production efficiency. Use 220V power supply to realize the control of solenoid valve, simple and convenient operation.

6. Start to load the mold as soon as everything is normal.


Countertops must be cleaned.

Get all the tools you need for the mold.

Check whether the mold is normal.

Adjust the stroke of the slider to the position corresponding to the height of the mold.

The slider and the template on the mold should be parallel to the middle without any clearance.

Then the mold can be pressed with the screw.

After the mold is set, move twice to see if the stroke position is appropriate.

The foot of the product operated by the foot pedal is prohibited to be placed on the foot pedal, and the hand must be more than 5cm away from the mold (keep in mind safety first in the operation, illegal operation is strictly prohibited, focus on the coordination of the hand and foot, if the product must be extended into the mold, you must use tweezers or magnet bar.

The performance characteristics of

High quality steel plate welding body, after tempering (or vibration aging) shot blasting treatment, good rigidity, stable accuracy; Vertical crankshaft, compact structure, crankshaft after high frequency quenching grinding treatment, good finish, flexible rotation, rectangular six lengthened guide rail, guide bronze panel, high steering accuracy; Pneumatic double balance cylinder, balance the weight of the slider and the upper die, reduce the impact and noise, eliminate the gap between the connecting rod and the slider, reduce the impact and wear of the force parts; The whole machine adopts centralized control, and the air path is controlled by imported safety double valve, which can realize point moving, inch moving, single and continuous stamping. The key parts such as slide block, guide rail, work table plate, connecting rod and connecting sleeve are all cast by resin sand. Compared with the general clay sand casting, the surface roughness can be improved by 1-2 grades, and the dimensional accuracy can be improved by 2-3 grades. The 60T and above tonnage products use electric regulation to install the mold height, high-quality configuration, key parts such as pneumatic components, electrical components, seals, buttons and so on are imported components.


The mechanical characteristics of

1, the use of high strength cast iron, stress elimination, to ensure long-term accuracy.

2, by the center distance expanded by the two guide pillar support, in the eccentric load, slide block load direction guide pillar rigidity and accuracy is extremely excellent.

3, the guiding mode is double column as the guide, the length extends to the position of the material line, can directly accept the horizontal direction of the processing force, to achieve high speed and high precision processing.

4, the use of the world's advanced digital frequency conversion technology, will be reflected in the display, to ensure the quality of the product, in addition, when the fault occurs, this content is expressed for easy maintenance.

5, in order to reduce the stable change of high speed operation, equipped with forced cooling system.

Comparative advantage

Pneumatic punch is more sanitary and clean. The use of advanced photoelectric protection technology, can achieve a significant improvement in safety performance, computer counting and program cooperation, can achieve unattended processing process, greatly improve the work efficiency, reduce the cost of production. In all kinds of metal and non-metal pipe, plate punching field, mostly use electric punch to complete, electric punch not only noise pollution environment, its complex structural components determine its high cost, difficult maintenance, high maintenance cost, heavy body, and power consumption. The operation is complex, the failure rate is high, the safety hidden danger is big.

The machine has simple structure, low production cost, and adopts pneumatic technology to realize that one air compressor can work for multiple pneumatic punching machines at the same time, which is more energy saving than electric punch. Reduce electricity consumption. Simple operation, high safety, using foot switch to control the solenoid valve, simple structure, low failure rate, improve production efficiency.

Application field

Suitable for all kinds of metal and non-metal pipe, plate punching field.

Machinery industry: stamping parts, stamping processing, metal stamping parts, metal stamping parts, automobile stamping parts, stretching parts, metal stretching parts, stamping sheet metal parts.

Household items, electronics, communication, electric appliances, lighting, toys, chassis, furniture, sports equipment, barbecue utensils, hardware, lighting hardware, electronic hardware, chassis cabinets, kitchen utensils and appliances, hinges, cotter pin, spring pins, wrench, pliers, dried fruit packaging, stickers, mobile phone film, gaskets, pads, aluminum parts, terminals, speaker net

Road traffic: transportation supplies, automobile safety, protective supplies, automobile and motorcycle parts communication products.

Office supplies "power cabinet, ATM machine shell, air conditioning parts, printer, copier frame and all kinds of precision sheet metal.


Operating procedures

1. Before starting, make clear the name and role of each part of the machine tool. For details, please refer to an article in the public number.

2. When starting the machine, first open the gas valve behind the machine, and then check whether the three pressure gauges are in place (the three pressure gauges are A balance pressure gauge generally adjusted to 0.4Mpa-0.5mpa, B clutch pressure gauge generally adjusted to 0.4MPa-0.6mpa, and C unregulated pressure gauge is generally set at 0.4mpa). Non-professionals should not move the pressure gauge.

3. Turn on the main power switch, and then turn on the motor starting switch at the same time the indicator HL2 will be on. The indicator light goes out when the main motor stops turning. Before the machine tool is operated, the air pressure shall reach the specified value, and the starting motor shall hit the overload protection knob switch to the normal position.

4. How to choose inching, single, continuous, how to choose discontinuous, disconnect, disconnect.

Inching: the continuous knob switch is placed in a non-continuous position, the selection switch is placed in the inching position. Set the quick switch of the control console to inching, and then press the two-handed button with both hands. The two-handed button will release and the slider will stop.

Single: the continuous knob switch is placed in a non-continuous position, the selection switch is placed in a single position, the control console quick switch switch to the open position, and press the double hands switch button, the slider action, the slider stroke exceeds 135 degrees release the double hands button slider continue to move the top dead point. Stop the slider immediately if you release both hands within 135 degrees. Place both hands/foot knob in foot position, single foot operation can be carried out, but must pay attention to operation safety.

Continuous: is the continuous knob switch is placed in a straight position, switch is placed in a straight position, according to us both hands button, switch button, open the slider move 5 seconds hands sliding piece of work when the machine is in continuous state, according to us straight after the stop button the slider back to the top dead center stop or put hands and feet on knob at the pedal position can't continuous operation.

Slider adjustment: usually put the slider adjustment knob in the cut position, and then touch the up button or down button by hand.

Overload protection: usually the overload protection knob to the normal position, when the overload red light on, immediately put the knob to reset position.

When the stroke of slider is too low to hit "dead" : immediately turn off the motor starting switch, and when the iron disc flywheel of machine tool stops completely, turn the switch of machine tool. Hit the reverse position and then inch with both hands to slowly return the slider to the upper "dead" position 0 degrees.

How to use the counter: when this knob is released in the "on" position, the counter begins to count the number of slides.

How to use "ejector" : the knob is generally placed in the "automatic" position, and the air flow is blown out with the stroke of the press at the same time. When the machine tool is not in the stamping operation, if the ejector needs to be used, the knob is in the "manual" position, and the knob is moved once, and the ejector blows once.

Emergency stop button: under any condition of operation, press this button down by hand, the machine will stop operation immediately, and the button down will self-lock. When you start operation again, you must reset this button (turn the button in the direction of the arrow).

Photoelectric protection device: if the machine is equipped with photoelectric protection device, it has the following functions, that is, when the power supply of the photoelectric protection device is turned on, the stroke of the slide block is in the range of 0 degrees to 135 degrees, when the beam of the protection device is cut off, the slide block immediately stops at any position, the machine tool for inching operation, no photoelectric protection.

5. After understanding all the above content, and then start the machine tool motor first observe a minute to listen to the machine tool running sound is normal, the direction of the machine tool, machine tool lubrication parts are good.

7. Additional instructions

Production must first understand the drawings and the technical requirements on the drawings, especially the perspective of sheet metal drawings and drawing of the cutting algorithm, if there is any unclear place, immediately ask the shift leader or engineer, to do a good habit of self-checking quality in the operation.

The semi-finished products are placed in the product turnover area and pasted with a label card before being sent to the next process.

After the use of the mold, must check whether to repair or maintenance, and then can be put back to the mold, abnormal mold can not be put back to the mold, must write the mold maintenance list to the mold department. Make sure that the label is placed in the designated position when the mold is placed back.

It is necessary to make clear the lubrication part of the machine tool and the time of filling oil, as well as the name of the lubricating oil and how to fill oil.

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