Precautions for starting the 3000W fiber laser Cutter

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Precautions for starting the 3000W fiber laser Cutter

After 3000W fiber laser Cutter is stopped for a long time, in order to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment AN, extend the service time, and avoid unnecessary trouble caused by non-standard startup, follow the following steps before starting the equipment.

1. Start the total power supply, voltage regulator power supply (before starting the power supply must check whether all lines are damaged or poor contact phenomenon)

2. Switch on the main power switch (NO)


3. After filling the chiller with water, start the power switch (the water level should be above the green area). Check the water temperature (low-temperature end 25 ° C, high-temperature water 28 ° C), water pressure, and water pipe connection.

4. Start the laser power switch (start it after the temperature at the high and low temperature of the chiller stabilizes at the set value)

5. Open the nitrogen, oxygen and main valve switches to check whether the output pressure is normal and whether there is air leakage. (In addition to the air compressor, start the air compressor total power supply, cold dry mechanical and electrical source)


6. Start the laser cutting software, manually operate whether the X/Y/Z axis movement is normal, click back to the origin, check whether the ceramic ring and nozzle are tightened, open BCS100 for servo calibration, float head calibration, and automatic adjustment.

7. Check whether the protective lens is contaminated, and make sure that the coaxial is in the nozzle.


8. Manually blow air to check whether the gas pressure is normal.

9. Obtain process parameters and cutting drawings to ensure the correctness of processing parameters.

10. Press the button of the frame to ensure that the red light is within the range of the plate.

11. To start processing, the operator must monitor the machine when it is running.

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