Press Brake Controller (E21 V.S E200P)

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Press Brake Controller (E21 V.S E200P)

Both E21 and E200P press brake controller are from China's Estun company.

The difference between these two controllers are as follows: 

Comparison ParameterE21E200P
Display ScreenMonocolorMulticolour
X, Y Axis PositioningManualAuto
X, Y Axis Control
  1. Ordinary Motor, poor positioning accuracy;               2. Positioning accuracy: 0.1mm at most;                        3. Repositioning accuracy: 0.1mm;

1. Servo motor, the high positioning accuracy of 0.05mm;                                                                      2. Repositioning accuracy: 0.02mm
X-axis TransmissionRound chrome-coated rodPrecise linear guide rail with more stable motion
X-axis Positioning Speed1. Ordinary Motor;1. Servo motor;
2. Max speed: 40mm/s;2. Max speed: 200mm/s;
Y-axis Positioning Speed1. Step Motor;1. Servo motor
2. Max rotating speed: 500r/min2. Max speed: 1500r/min
Wiring Assembly FunctionNone1. Built-in PLC to change the motion of valve in time;                                                    2. Setting of pressure-adding, pressureholding & off-load time;                      3. Convenient for maintenance;
Stroke Return Distance AdjustmentNone1. Adjustable return stroke height, no need back to the up dead point every time;
2. Improve the efficiency




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