Profile bending machine auxiliary equipment servo bending with the advantages of what?

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Profile bending machine auxiliary equipment servo bending with the advantages of what?

Profile bending is a widely used bending equipment, with the development of science and technology,Profile bending machinehas entered the CNC era.People have higher and higher requirements for bending accuracy, and the functional parts of the bending machine are more and more diverse.Powerful companies pay more and more attention to the development of various functional components with characteristics, and strive to improve the degree of automation of machine tools.Follow-up supporting mechanism is one of the more complex functional components.

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Profile bending technology auxiliary equipment servo bending with the advantages of what?

In the process of bending, sheet metal is subjected to a local impact force.If the lower part of the sheet material does not have a supporting frame to support it, then the sheet material in bending, the impact force of the sheet material diverges outwards, will make the sheet material have a large deformation, affecting the bending quality of the sheet material.Therefore, the complexity of the mechanism lies in that the motion track of the supporting plate must be exactly the same as that of the workpiece in the bending process, and the motion speed should also be kept consistent, so that the plate is always subjected to a supporting force, so that it does not produce deformation.In addition to the motion track and motion speed of the two must be the same, because the height of the die and the opening width of the die are not the same when bending the sheet of different thickness, which makes the starting point position and rotation bending fulcrum of the sheet of upturning have changed.All these uncertain factors put forward higher requirements for the motion track, speed control and position adjustment of the follow-up supporting mechanism.

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At present, most factories are manual supporting material, ordinary small material only one person can operate a bending machine, but when it comes to large sheet metal, often need 4 ~ 6 people to operate a bending machine.It is extremely labor-intensive, and the instability of artificial supporting material is easy to cause product quality problems, and is not conducive to production control.

Traditional large-face sheet metal bending

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There are also bending machine manufacturers bring their own support frame, but often can not do its operation and sheet material synchronization.In the process of bending, there is often a period of time sheet and supporting frame can not closely fit, resulting in the process of bending plate jitter, poor stability, vulnerable to damage;Secondly, in the bending of different plates, in order to make the supporting frame and the plate can closely fit, often need to adjust the position of the supporting material, but now the supporting material is driven by the cylinder chain, and the adjustment distance can not be judged, resulting in the reduction of the adjustment precision, and the whole adjustment structure is complex, poor practicability.

Application Characteristics of Servo Bending Follow-up Train in Sheet Metal Forming:

⑴ High compatibility.

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Wuxi god rushed servo follow-up car brake is secondary bending workers do in the process of bending over action semi-automatic tool, servo bend servo car, unlike the follow-up device on the market, servo bend servo car folded bending machine system, pressure spindle requirements, follow-up car have independent control system, mobile and production site any a bending device, the installation for the first time the bending machine interface and servo parameter debugging good, next time connection need to manually adjust the height of the car, bring up the current servo parameters of the bending machine, can be used.In order to improve the process and do not have to buy with the following mechanism of the bending machine, reduce the factory production input.


⑵ Expansibility.

1) The standard plate size of servo bending with moving car is 900mm×600mm, which is mainly made of brush plate, which can avoid scratches caused by sheet metal bending process. It can increase the profile support to expand the plate width according to the requirements of the processing workpiece, and can also make personalized transformation according to customer requirements.

2) can increase the rotating tray, reduce the difficulty of rotating direction of large size workpiece, 1 ~ 2 operators can be very convenient and stable to complete the bending process of large panel.

3) Universal bearings can be added around the support plate to reduce the difficulty of feeding and unloading large size workpieces.

High stability.


Servo bending with the use of single axis mechanical linkage, on the one hand to simplify the control program, on the other hand also improve the stability of machinery.At the same time, the simple operation and anti-dumbness Settings can allow the operator to quickly get started.

Servo bending with the car and bending forming machine can quickly form a semi-automatic, in saving labor at the same time can be quick and flexible proofing and mass production, has good economic benefits.

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