Q11 mechanical plate shearing machine use scope and structure function

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Q11 mechanical plate shearing machine use scope and structure function

Q11 Mechanical plate shears motor 5 drives flywheel shaft through belt 6, and then drives eccentric shaft through clutch 7 and gear reduction system 4, and then drives upper tool rest 2 through connecting rod to make it do up and down reciprocating movement and shear work. The CAM at the left end of the eccentric drives the plunger in the pressure tank 3, and the pressure is not sent back to the pressure pin 9 to compress the sheet before cutting. The spring forces the press foot back during the return trip.

Q11 mechanical plate shearing machine is suitable for metal structure, shipbuilding, boiler, motor, locomotive, lifting transportation and other machinery manufacturing industry, the material after cutting, do not need to go through other processing can be directly used. The cut part is not less than 8 times the thickness of the plate. When the cut plate is replaced with a diagonal blade at the end corner of the tool rest, it can be cut indefinitely.

This machine is composed of bed, clutch, brake, press, stopper, blade, transmission system, electrical system and so on

1. The body of the bed is composed of left and right columns, worktable, front and rear beams, etc., which are connected as a whole by bolts. Each part of the bed is made of HT150-HT200 cast iron.


2. The pressing frame is driven by the upper tool rest, when the upper tool rest moves down, the pressing frame is driven down together, the upper tool rest continues to move down, the pressing force continues to increase, the pressure plate is more and more tight. In the shear short material, should be as far as possible to the right side of the sheet, so that the pressure plate will be pressed tighter.

3. Swivel key Swivel key is mounted in big gear and operated by foot switch. When the electromagnet is attracted, the key is turned 35 degrees, which is the working position, and the electromagnet is idled

Shearing machine 03

Q11 mechanical plate shearing machine working principle: the upper blade is fixed on the tool holder, the lower blade is fixed on the next bed surface, the bed surface is installed with a ball, in order to facilitate the plate into the movement, the rear baffle plate for plate positioning, the position is adjusted by the positioning pin. A hydraulic cylinder is used to compress the sheet to prevent it from turning over during shearing. The shed board is a safety device to prevent accidents at work.

This series Q11 mechanical plate shearing machine has the performance of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and pressure resistance

The whole steel plate welding structure, the use of finite element design, after vibration aging treatment, has enough strength and steel, high stability;

Equipped with quick adjustment mechanism for blade gap (swing meter and electric type), convenient and fast, to ensure the quality of cutting plate;

The upper tool holder adopts rolling guide rail, smooth movement, small resistance, easy lubrication;

Shearing machine 4

Equipped with electric digital display rear stopper, fast sizing, high precision;

Drive system adopts centralized lubrication, clean and clean, long service life;

Support ball and support rolling feeding effort, no scratches on the surface of the sheet;

Q11 mechanical shearing machine maintenance method

1. Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures.

2, each time before starting according to the lubrication chart requirements of timing, fixed point, quantitative lubricating oil, oil should be clean without precipitation.

3, the machine must always be kept clean, the unpainted part of the rust grease.

4. The lubricating oil in the motor bearing should be replaced and filled regularly, and the electrical part should be checked regularly for normal, safe and reliable work.

5, regular check triangle belt, handle, knob, button is damaged, wear serious should be replaced in time, and reported to spare parts supplement.

6, regular inspection repair switches, insurance, handle, to ensure their reliable work.

7. Lubricate and scrub the machine tools 10 minutes before work every day.

8, it is strictly prohibited to operate the equipment without designated personnel, usually people must leave the machine to stop.

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