Q35y-20 hydraulic combined punching and shearing machine

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Q35y-20 hydraulic combined punching and shearing machine

Q35Y hydraulic combined punching and shearing machine is a set of metal shear, punching, plate shearing, bending and other functions of the machine tool equipment, has the advantages of simple operation, less energy consumption, low maintenance cost, is the modern manufacturing industry (such as: metallurgy, bridge, communications, electric power, military industry, etc.) metal processing preferred equipment. Punching and shearing machine widely used in: steel structure processing, engineering machinery, food industry machinery, mechanical processing and other aspects.

Q35y-20 hydraulic combined punching and shearing machine performance characteristics:



1, this machine is efficient, intelligent temperature control, and double click linkage, cutting and punching station can work at the same time.


2, this machine automatically presses the material to cut, greatly improves the efficiency, reduces the labor intensity.


3, the machine adopts hydraulic transmission, the whole machine structure is reasonable, light weight, low noise, portable and reliable and has overload protection performance.


4, the machine can plate, square steel, round steel, channel steel, Angle steel, I-steel plate shear, profile shear and punching die shear.


5, the punching and die cutting station of this machine, if replaced by other accessories of the machine, can also be used for special shape shear stamping, bending sheet, V-notch cutting and other processes.


6. This machine is suitable for shipbuilding. Electric power, Bridges, automobiles, lifting transportation, metal structures and various machinery factories, etc., are the preferred machine tools for cutting large quantities of section steel.


Safety operation rules of combined punching and shearing machine:


1. Before starting, check whether the driving parts and connecting screws and pins of the punching and shearing machine are loose. Whether the electrical equipment is properly grounded.


2. Lubricate each part before work, drive test turn two to three minutes, no problem can be put into work.


3. No overload is allowed, quenching steel is forbidden to shear.


4. When working, you should wear gloves and labor protection articles. Sandals and slippers are strictly prohibited.


5. When punching and shearing, oil should be often given to punching tools to prevent up and down punching tools from skew.


6. When feeding, we should pay attention to finger safety, especially when the plate is rushed to the last pressing foot can not press the plate, it is forbidden to shear.


7. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble and proofread the cutting edge and die when driving. Do not hit the die, cutting edge and other parts with force.


8. Strictly control the specification range of sheet material, beyond the punching shear is strictly prohibited.


9. Other articles and a large amount of washing materials shall not be piled up in the workplace, and the adjustment and cleaning must be stopped.


10. When the work is finished, stop the machine, cut off the power, clean up the site.


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