QC11Y series hydraulic shearing machine performance characteristics and blade gap adjustment difference

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QC11Y series hydraulic shearing machine performance characteristics and blade gap adjustment difference

Main performance characteristics of hydraulic numerical control shears:

1, The machine is all steel welding mechanism, hydraulic transmission, vibration to eliminate stress, high strength, good rigidity.Hydraulic pendulum plate shears by using the main cylinder (fixed on the wall) to do downward shear movement, nitrogen cylinder return, so simplify the hydraulic system, more stable operation.The tool rest of pendulum shearing machine swings around a fixed axis in the shearing process. Through the lever action, the fulcrum force is small, which can improve the life of the shearing edge and machine. The whole machine is compact in structure, and can adjust the stroke of the tool rest infinitely, greatly improving the working efficiency.

2. Digital display device for rear stopper size and shear times.The clearance adjustment of upper and lower blade is indicated by the signboard, which is convenient and quick to adjust.

3, the use of protective grating and electrical box interlock life safety protection device.

4. Adopt advanced integrated hydraulic system with good reliability.

QC11Y series hydraulic shearing machine performance characteristics:

backside of the machine

5, The machine adopts all steel welding structure, vibration to eliminate stress, with good rigidity and stability;Color with advanced hydraulic integrated valve block, compact structure, reduce the pipeline connection, improve the reliability and maintainability of the system;When the machine is  hydraulic shearing machine with series cylinder, the shearing Angle will not change.Accumulator return is stable and rapid;Blade clearance handwheel adjustment, accurate, rapid, convenient;Adjustable shearing Angle, reduce the distortion of sheet metal;Electric rear stopper, position display, convenient and accurate;Rolling supporting ball, Maanshan shearing machine price, reduce the plate scratch, and can reduce friction.

6, the product is by the company and domestic scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning jointly developed a successful cross-century plate shearing machine boutique.The product is the latest type of lower transmission hydraulic sluice type plate shears in China, with advanced structure, beautiful appearance and good performance.

7. The machine tool adopts gate type structure. Compared with pendulum type structure, the cutting surface of the sheet material is perpendicular to the plate surface, but not inclined, so the cutting effect is better.

8, machine tool part of the design is a domestic initiative, has won the domestic intellectual property rights, high accuracy, economic and practical, strong anti-interference ability, the price of Maanshan plate shears, the use of its programming are silly operation.

9. Automatic positioning of rear stopper without manual fine-tuning.Automatic counting and fixed number of shear times.

10, shear Angle can be adjusted in a large range.The small shear Angle can improve the shear quality of thin plate, increase the shear Angle to increase the thickness of the sheet material, we recommend the price of Maanshan plate shearing machine, expand the shear range.

11. Three-point rolling guide rail, self-lubricating, no wear.

ball screw and guild linear

12. The blade gap is quickly adjusted by hand wheel, which is easy and convenient.

13, half "cutting method can improve work efficiency, ma anshan new fuli mechanical science and technology co., LTD., new fuli mechanical science and technology, can also be cut in the edge of the plate incision.

14, the unique pre-pressure line and light line, can make "pressing, line, shear" step by step, to ensure that the line is accurate.

15. The key hydraulic components are imported, the hydraulic system has stable action and reliable performance.

Hydraulic CNC shearing machine main configuration:

Electrical control The main electrical components are produced by Schneider.

17. The main seals of the oil cylinder are produced by Japan Huarka Company.

18. The hydraulic system is controlled by cartridge valve. The main hydraulic components are made by Germany Hoerbiger Company.

19. Blade "Shangdao" blade (6CrW2Si) produced by Shanghai Machinery Factory.

20, The hydraulic pump adopts space standard low noise internal gear pump NT3 series (Shanghai Chengjie).

21. Taiwan HIWIN linear guide rail and ball screw are selected.

22, Japan Panasonic Panasonic or Mitsubishi servo drive and servo motor.

The hydraulic system adopts German EMB pipe fittings to ensure the stability of the hydraulic system in long-term operation.

The following CNC systems are available:

1.E20 adopts frequency conversion control technology;

2. Automatic positioning of electric rear stopper and upper slider;

3. Unidirectional positioning to eliminate lead screw transmission clearance;

Multi-channel program automatic operation, processing quantity automatic counting;Power off memory, M/inch conversion.

The MD-20 is controlled by servo numerical control technology;

Automatic and accurate positioning of electric rear stopper;

All Chinese operation interface, intuitive and simple;

Multi-channel program automatic operation, automatic shear count;

The stopper will give way automatically.

Use servo control technology;

275X48 pixel highlight LCD display;Electric rear stopper automatic positioning, automatic retreat;

Automatic multi-program running, program and program step linking, shear counting, shear limit, power off memory, M/inch conversion

The difference of blade clearance adjustment of plate shears

The difference between the blade gap adjustment of the plate shears: the pendulum shears have the function of manually adjusting the blade gap, which can be adjusted by turning the handle;The gate shears have the function of electric adjustment of blade clearance, and can be adjusted more conveniently and accurately through the system, which is beneficial to improve the cutting quality.

Adjust blade clearance between swing shears and brake shears

Blade clearance adjustment program

Remove the blades and clean them one by one.

The blade can be used on all sides. The selected side should be firmly installed.And check the flatness of the blade in the horizontal and vertical directions.

DAC360 Shear 1

3. The upper blade cannot be adjusted.We can adjust the blade clearance of the shearer by adjusting the lower blade.

4. Find the left and right clearance screws on the lower edge, usually on the lateral side.

5. Find the left and right fixing screws of the lower blade and push the lower blade to reduce the clearance.It has a locking spare nut on it.It's usually in there.

Loosen the four bolts on the left and right of the cutter table.

Manually rotate the upper knife to the appropriate position, and the operator starts to adjust the cutting area of the shearing machine.

8. Coarsely adjust the distance between the upper and lower blade of the left hand and the non-occlusal place by 0.5mm with the feeler.

9 manually turn the blade to the middle position, roughly adjust to 0.5 mm.

10. Move the blade up to the right side of the upper and lower blades by manual rotation, and adjust the middle position to 0.5mm roughly.

11. Manually turn the upper blade to the appropriate position and start fine-tuning.

Finely adjust the upper and lower blades of the left hand with the gap gauge unplugged until the gap gauge has three and five leads.

13 manually rotate the blade of the plate shears to move the blade upward to the middle position and start fine-tuning until the three lines of the feeler can enter and the five lines can not enter.

14 manually rotate the blade to the correct position where the upper and lower tool does not detach, and start fine-tuning until the three-wire feeler can enter and the five-wire feeler can not.

For new cars, it is precisely adjusted to the point where the gauge can fill three wires instead of five.

For older cars, fine-tune the clearance gauge to fit 10 threads instead of 20 threads.Or cut off 1/10-1/20 of the thickness of the metal plate for appropriate adjustment.

17 if the cutting edge of the cutting machine is sharp, if the cutting edge of the cutting machine has burr, the gap between the upper and lower blades can be appropriately narrowed.

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