Reasons and solutions for unclear marking fonts of fiber laser marking machine

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Reasons and solutions for unclear marking fonts of fiber laser marking machine

Laser marking machine is beaten out with a laser beam in different kinds of material surface on the permanent marker, play the effect of mark is through material surface evaporation show deep material, so beautifully carved patterns, logos and text, laser marking machine is mainly divided into: fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, green laser marking machine, the four categories.

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At present, laser marking machine is mainly used in some requirements of finer, higher precision occasions. Market applications are more such as electronic components, integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances, mobile phone communication, hardware products, tools and accessories, precision instruments, glasses and watches, jewelry, auto accessories, plastic keys, building materials, crafts, PVC pipes and so on.

Although the laser marking machine is an essential tool for production and processing, a series of problems will inevitably occur in the operation, such as the problem of unclear marking. So why will fiber laser marking machine appear marking font is not clear phenomenon? What should we do about it? Let's follow Tianhong laser engineers to look at the reasons and solutions.


First, the problem of operation

The main may be the speed of marking too fast, laser power current is not on or too small.

The solution:

First of all, we should determine what causes the fiber laser marking machine marking text is not clear, if the marking speed is too fast, you can reduce the marking speed, so as to increase the density of filling, if the laser power supply current has a problem, you can turn on the power supply current or the power supply current.

Second, the problem of equipment

For example, the field mirror, galvanizer, laser output lens and other equipment problems, the field mirror is too dirty, too flower or oil, affect the focus, the galvanizer lens is heated unevenly, produce calls or even cracking, or the galvanizer lens film is polluted and damaged, the laser output lens pollution.

The solution:


At the time of optical fiber laser marking machine production, should increase the exhauster to prevent scratch, if it is dirty to the problem of a flower, to wipe the lens, if you can't wipe, can be sent to the professional manufacturers, on the issue of the vibrating mirror broken, preferably replacement lenses, and finally to seal the galvanometer system, to prevent the wet steam and dust entering.


Three, use time is too long

The use time of any fiber laser marking machine is limited. After using for a certain time, the laser module of the fiber laser marking machine will reach its life expectancy, and the laser intensity will decrease, resulting in unclear marking results.

The solution:

It is usual to pay attention to the normal operation of optical fiber laser marking machine and the daily maintenance, we can find that a manufacturer also a model of this machine, some of the optical fiber laser marking machine service life will be shorter, but others will grow a little, mainly is the problem of users in the use of operation and maintenance, 2 it is faced with optical fiber laser marking machine when the service life, You can replace the laser module to solve the problem.

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