Reasons for annealing process in Metal Laser Cutting Machine

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Reasons for annealing process in Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Reasons for annealing process in metal laser cutting

The so-called annealing process is to heat the steel to a certain high temperature and keep this temperature for a period of time, and then slowly cool it, which is called annealing. The annealing of steel is a heat treatment method that heats the steel to a temperature where phase transformation or partial phase transformation can occur, and then slowly cools after heat preservation.

The purpose of annealing is to eliminate the defects of the structure, improve the structure to homogenize the composition and refine the grains, improve the mechanical properties of the steel, and reduce the residual stress. At the same time, it can reduce the hardness, improve the plasticity and toughness of the machine tool, and improve the cutting performance. Annealing not only eliminates and improves the tissue defects and internal stresses left in the previous process, but also prepares for the subsequent process.

Taking the necessary heat treatment processing is of great help to the later use. Considering that the Best Indystrial Laser Cutter is the main purpose of the initial material processing equipment, we extend the service life of the equipment by improving some physical properties of the metal laser cutting machine body. Therefore, the annealing process of laser cutting is a very important step.

Fiber Laser Cutting machine body

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