Round tube laser cutting machine guide

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Round tube laser cutting machine guide

Round Tube laser cutting machine is a high-end equipment for precision processing of metal round tubes. It is generally composed of lasers, gantry frames, machine tools, round tube fixtures, numerical control consoles and chillers.

Round tube laser cutting machine processing characteristics:

1. There are many types of cutting pipes, which can perform three-dimensional processing such as cutting, punching, hollowing and engraving of pipe walls and beveling of materials such as round pipes, square pipes and flat pipes.

2. The laser processing speed is fast and the cutting precision is high, which can realize high-efficiency processing in large quantities.

3. The operation is simple; adopt the numerical control operation platform, input the corresponding drawing, you can achieve fast processing, flexible and fast.

Application examples of round tube laser cutting machine:

1. Petroleum screen.

The precision of processing oil screen by round tube laser cutting machine: screen wall thickness ≤20mm, seam width ≥0.15mm, seam section has rectangle, trapezoid and various shaped holes, cloth seam types include parallel, staggered, spiral, etc. The center distance error is 0.01-0.02 mm, the density laser beam positioning accuracy is ±0.03mm, the repeat accuracy is ±0.01mm, and the surface cutting finish is 6.3.

tube laser cutting machine

2. Lighting

The style of the metal lamp cover is mostly hollow and carved, and even more complicated patterns. The round tube laser cutting machine processes lamps and lanterns with high efficiency, clear patterns and no deformation, and no secondary processing is required, which greatly reduces production costs.

3. Car exhaust pipe

As a high-end consumer product, in order to enhance the value of the product, the product production process is the main breakthrough point. The round tube laser cutting machine processes automobile exhaust pipes without burrs, the inner wall is smooth and the processing speed is fast, which is a good choice for batch processing.

Durmapress laser tube laser cutting machine advantages introduction:

1. Automatic cutting and blanking; the circular tube laser cutting machine uses a dual-drive pneumatic chuck rotating structure (active shaft and driven shaft). The active shaft starts the chuck to clamp the pipe and fix it, and then the pipe is clamped by the three-dimensional movement of the machine tool. For cutting, the driven shaft starts the chuck to move with the work table along the axial direction of the workpiece, and it can visualize the automatic cutting and cutting function of the metal pipe.

2. CNC cutting technology; the cutting control software that comes with the round tube laser cutting machine provides advanced cutting technology and rich cutting experience, so that cutting operators can achieve high-quality and efficient CNC cutting through the skilled use of the control system.

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