Routine faults and troubleshooting methods of hydraulic plate shears

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Routine faults and troubleshooting methods of hydraulic plate shears

Routine faults and troubleshooting methods of hydraulic plate shears

I. Blade turning and clearance adjustment of hydraulic plate shearing machine

1, hydraulic plate shearing machine clearance adjustment

By using the two buttons of shearing Angle increase and decrease, place the upper blade and the lower blade at both ends of the machine to overlap 3-5mm, and adjust the minimum clearance value

After adjustment, oil the machine once, the tool holder will reset automatically, and the key button will be moved

To the shearing position, enter the normal use

2. Turn over the blade of hydraulic shearing machine

Use the shear Angle smaller button to adjust the upper tool rest to zero, then remove the table guide plate to loosen the screw fixing the lower blade, remove the lower blade in order, then loosen the screw fixing the upper blade, remove the upper blade in order, and then turn over each blade, first install the blade, and then install the blade. Check whether the interface between the blades is smooth and flat, and finally fix all the blade screws and install the guide plate

On the can.


Two, how to replace the hydraulic plate shearing machine pipeline seals?

First put the hydraulic shearing machine tool rest to the bottom dead point, and then cut off the power supply of the machine tool, the oil seepage part of the takeover loosen out of the broken seals, and then in the joint groove coated with a layer of butter, and then the new seals into the groove, tighten the takeover can be, finally the hydraulic shearing machine filled with oil reset, into normal use.

Three, hydraulic plate shearing machine does not produce working pressure?

1. Check whether the positive and negative rotation of the motor of the plate shearing machine and the oil pump is correct.

2. Clean the spool of the safety relief valve of the plate cutter.

3. Clean the two four-way solenoid valve of the hydraulic system of the plate shearing machine.

Four, the return speed of the hydraulic plate cutter is slow

1. Fill the plate cutter with oil again.

2. Check whether the connecting parts of the plate shearing machine have signs of oil seepage and oil leakage.

3, check the nitrogen pressure in the accumulator of the shearing machine (normal nitrogen pressure is 4-5mpa,

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