SCB series hydraulic sheet bending machine

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SCB series hydraulic sheet bending machine

One, the main performance characteristics of the machine:

1, the SCB series hydraulic sheet bending machine frame adopts the whole steel welding structure, through normalizing and high-frequency vibration to eliminate the internal stress, to ensure the overall accuracy of the machine tool, has excellent stiffness, has excellent anti-distortion, anti-tilt ability. Thickened work plate, thickened slider, so that the machine has a high rigidity, so when bending slider, table deformation is very small, the workpiece has excellent straightness and Angle consistency.

2, refer to the German DIN55222T2-80 bending machine standard design.

3, the hydraulic system adopts integrated control system, reduce pipeline installation, the use of imported sealing ring, improve the stability of the machine tool, beautiful and simple appearance.

Controller 3

4, the main cylinder piston of the bending machine adopts aerospace technology - surface nickel phosphorus treatment, its hardness can reach HRC60 or more, and the piston relative movement of the guide sleeve has its own lubricating zinc base wear-resisting alloy, can make the cylinder in a good working state for a long time.

5, adopt torsion shaft synchronous, mechanical block, reliable, economic, high precision.

6. The distance of rear stopper and the stroke of upper slide block are automatically adjusted by NUMERICAL control system, and can also be manually adjusted for convenient operation.

7, the upper die is equipped with winding compensation mechanism.

Manual compensation for bending machine

Two, CNC system functions:

Taiwan Delta touch screen Chinese CNC system (or The Netherlands Delem CNC system) :

1, with unidirectional and bidirectional positioning function, can effectively eliminate lead screw clearance.

2, with the function of retreat material selection, avoid the interference between the material retaining device and the workpiece, reduce wear, improve positioning accuracy.

3, with automatic or manual search reference point function. With power off location memory function, on - site protection of parameters, positions and programs.

4, with multi-step processing programming function, can realize multi-step operation, complete multi-step parts one-time processing, improve production efficiency.

5, with one axis servo motor automatic control slider up and down stroke adjustment, the other axis servo motor control rear stopper.


Three, the main configuration:

1. The main sealing parts of the oil cylinder are produced by Japan Huarka Company.

2. The main parts of the electrical box are produced by Schneider of France.

3. The hydraulic system is controlled by cartridge valve, and the main hydraulic components are from HOERBIGER Company in Germany

4, hydraulic pump adopts aerospace standard low noise internal gear pump.

5, specialized factory processing of oil cylinder, complete set of imported sealing ring, to overcome the phenomenon of oil leakage.

6. HIWIN linear guide rail and ball screw from Taiwan, China are selected.

7. The hydraulic system adopts German EMB pipeline joint to ensure the long-term stability of the hydraulic system.

8, choose Japan Panasonic or Mitsubishi servo drive and servo motor.

DA41 is a servo control system.

4.7 "highlight LCD display, multi-language interface including Chinese;

Mold parameter setting, bending Angle programming;

Can store 100 programs, each program 25 working steps; Material selection can be programmed, processing quantity count, power off memory, can carry out male/British system conversion


Md-20 is controlled by servo NUMERICAL control technology.

Automatic positioning of electric rear stopper and upper slider;

Full Chinese operation interface, intuitive and simple;

Automatic operation of multi-channel program, automatic counting of processing quantity;

The stopper retracts automatically.

E21+ control system uses frequency conversion control technology;

Automatic positioning of electric rear stopper and upper slider;

Unidirectional positioning to eliminate lead screw drive clearance;

Multi-channel program automatic operation, automatic counting of processing quantity, power off memory, male/English system conversion.

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