[Science Hall] How to choose the right consumables?

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[Science Hall] How to choose the right consumables?

High-quality Fiber laser cutting equipment has brought high efficiency guarantee for production and processing. With a high-quality equipment, it is necessary to be equipped with suitable accessories and consumables.

The provision and purchase of consumables affect the operation efficiency, processing effect and service life of the equipment. Many types of consumables, how do we equip and buy them? Come into Durmapress Baixuetang together with Durmapress to get a sense!

Today we will learn about the four commonly used consumables:

◆Protective glasses◆


How much damage is caused by poor quality protective glasses?


In the maintenance process for many users, Durmapress often found the following problems caused by the use of low-quality protective glasses:

> Protective mirror drawer burnt out

> Dust inhalation of equipment cavity

> Burnout of focusing lens


How to identify inferior protective glasses?


> Poor light transmittance

> Not heat resistant

> Easy to break



The nozzles are not the same, but the difference is so big?


Yes, the first problem of improper nozzle matching is that the size of the bought back is different and cannot be installed. Even if it can be installed, the thickness of the nozzle is different, it will also cause headaches-the current parameters of the equipment cannot be matched, causing chaos in operation and unable to cut normally.

Important points to note are:

Due to different equipment models, nozzles with specific specifications are required. You can use it with the same name! The quality of the nozzle work will directly affect the cutting effect of the equipment. For example: the nozzle hole of the non-original low-quality nozzle is not round, resulting in cutting and hanging slag.


What should I pay attention to when replacing the optional nozzle?


> The concentricity of the nozzle should be high (high-quality nozzle "three holes concentric")

> The thickness of the nozzle is the same as the original

> The size of the nozzle is the same as the original

> Use the nozzle made of high-quality copper to ensure the consistency of the cutting effect

◆Ceramic ring◆


The three major hazards of inferior ceramic rings?


> The signal transmission is unstable, and the distance between the cutting head and the sheet metal cannot be accurately sensed during the cutting process. Loss of sheet metal raw materials and damage to the cutting head.

> Short life, ceramic ring is easy to crack, frequent replacement and high purchase cost.

> The adhesive used is poor, the metal sheet fixed by the ceramic body is cracked, and frequent replacement and high procurement costs. QUESTION:

What is a high-quality ceramic ring?


High sensitivity and stable signal transmission.

Heat and temperature resistant, the adhesive is stable.

◆Filter element◆


The importance of filter selection?


The filter element contains ion filter element and wire wound filter element. Their main function is to filter the impurities and ions of the water in the water tank to ensure the stable use of the laser. A high-quality filter element can reduce the light attenuation of the laser and increase the life of the laser.

It is true that improper selection of accessories and inadequate quality will affect all aspects of equipment operation. Therefore, we must strictly control the purchase of equipment accessories and consumables. Choose high-quality original genuine products to avoid problems such as equipment damage caused by poor quality parts and poor operation and processing effects. Give yourself a high-quality production attitude and experience.

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