Selection of materials for bending machine molds

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Selection of materials for bending machine molds

Although the problem of the deformation of the bending machine mold does not appear much, it still needs to be paid attention to. It may be

related to the error in the production process, or it may be that the hardness of the material of the sheet metal being bent is too high, so that

the bending machine mold cannot withstand that strength. Today, | will talk about the selection of the most basic bending machine tool.

A large part of the choice of materials determines the performance of the bending machine mold. The commonly used materials for the

bending machine mold are T8 steel, T10 steel, 42CrMo, and Cr12MoV. There is no doubt that Cr12MoV is a good material, the performance is

satisfactory, and the process performance is also great, but the price is relatively high. Therefore, the most | have come in contact with is

42CrMo.42CrMo is a high-strength alloy quenched and tempered steel. It has the characteristics of strong toughness and high strength. What

the bending machine mold needs are high strength, high toughness, and excellent wear resistance. Of course, this is just a reference, and the

specific choice of materials should be determined according to the product and budget.

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