Shearing machine 10x6000 four categories and the use of advantages reflected in what aspects

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Shearing machine 10x6000 four categories and the use of advantages reflected in what aspects

Shearing machine 10x6000  belong to linear shears and are mainly used to cut straight edges of metal plates of various sizes. With the development of China's manufacturing industry, the development of plate shearing machine tool has become more and more of the mainstay of machinery manufacturing industry, general high-performance plate shearing machine, widely used in aviation, automobile, agricultural machinery, electrical machinery, electrical appliances, instrumentation, medical instruments, household appliances, hardware and other industries. For shearing machine, do you want to know more? The classification and structural characteristics of the shearing machine, blanking process, operation, blade clearance should be how to adjust? How to distinguish the quality of shearing machine blade? Shearing machine maintenance and maintenance.

Classification and structural characteristics of plate shears

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A, classification,

1, flat blade plate cutting machine

Good shear quality, small distortion, but large shear force, high energy consumption. More mechanical transmission. The upper and lower blades of the plate cutter are parallel to each other, and are often used for hot shearing of rolling billets and slabs in rolling mills. According to its cutting mode can be divided into upper cut type and lower cut type.

2, oblique blade plate cutting machine

The upper and lower blades of the plate shearing machine into an Angle, generally the upper blade is inclined, its inclination Angle is generally 1° ~ 6°. The shear force of the inclined blade plate cutter is smaller than that of the flat blade plate cutter, so the motor power and the weight of the whole machine are greatly reduced, and the practical application is the most. The plate cutter manufacturers produce this kind of plate cutter. This kind of plate shearing machine according to the tool rest movement form brake plate shearing machine and pendulum plate shearing machine; According to the main transmission system is divided into hydraulic transmission and mechanical transmission.

3, multi-purpose plate shearing machine

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(1) Sheet bending shears: that is, shear and bending can be completed on the same machine.

(2) combined punching and shearing machine: it can complete the shearing of the plate, and can shear the profile, which is mainly used for blanking process.

4, special shearing machine

(1) Plate flattening line shearing machine: used for plate uncoiling line, high-speed shearing machine designed to meet the requirements of fast cutting production line, thick plate line for hydraulic high-speed shearing machine, thin plate line with pneumatic shearing machine; High-speed line equipped with flying shear machine, continuous production, high efficiency.

(2) Plate shearing machine of steel structure production line: mainly used for Angle steel and H beam automatic production line to complete the cutting process.

(3) Cold bending forming line shearing machine: such as car rail cold bending line, carriage side baffle production line, color steel plate forming line and other production lines configured with special shearing machine.

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Two, structural characteristics

1, the machine is equipped with punching, cutting and folding three processing units, through manual or foot switch can be respectively or at the same time of the bus punching, cutting and folding processing. This machine has high production efficiency and easy to use.

2. The working stroke of each processing unit can be easily adjusted to reduce processing time and improve production efficiency. A variety of machining functions can also be realized by changing the die, such as punching round holes, bending, bending, embossing and flattening.

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3, the bending unit is closed structure, using horizontal processing mode, to ensure the structural strength of the bending unit. By changing the bending die can complete the workpiece bending, vertical bending, embossing and flattening processing; For bus bending of different thickness, the travel distance can be controlled by adjusting the induction switch of working cylinder, and the corresponding number of displacement travel counter can be used to complete the corresponding bending Angle.

4, punching, shearing processing unit adopts vertical processing mode, the machine is equipped with manual button and foot switch two modes of operation, simple operation, flexible and convenient use, general skilled workers can be easy to use the operation.

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