Shrimp elbow machine price uses and characteristics

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Shrimp elbow machine price uses and characteristics

Shrimp elbow machine price uses and characteristics

The following is a detailed introduction of the purpose and characteristics of the price of shrimp elbow machine:


Shrimp elbow machine price uses and characteristics

The bending machine is used for making and stitching single and double bone type of round steel tube. The equipment adopts double motor, double button switch operation, the actual operation is convenient, the efficiency is good. The configuration of Cr12Mov high toughness heat treatment alloy steel, strong and durable, shrimp elbow machine price safe operation rules: be sure to understand the technical characteristics of the equipment and operation steps. Operators should wear good maintenance tools and tie up sleeves. Before work, check whether the gap of each adjustment position is effective and the manufacturer of shrimp elbow machine, and carry out idling experiment to check whether the equipment is running normally and whether the rotation direction of roller wheel of manual shrimp elbow machine is appropriate. Check whether the equipment grounding device (zero) is reliable. The fitness components of the equipment should always be kept clean and filled with grease. Be sure to wipe the workpiece clean before extrusion molding, can not be stained with small stones, iron pin and other dirt, to prevent damage to the roller. This equipment only produces and processes the board of 0.5-1.2mm only, cannot exceed the specification model application. Abnormal operation, to shut down immediately check, fault detection, can work again. Reducer must maintain a good amount of oil, on time to the reducer filled with appropriate oil. When maintaining and adjusting the equipment, be sure to shut down and turn off the switching power. Carry out structural reinforcement for all tightening screws on time. Precautions for the use of shrimp elbow machine: avoid overload, misuse of machinery and equipment will machine parts caused by overload. Work in the end, pull out the power cord plug, close the power plug, clear on the spot, just can leave.

Shrimp elbow machine is a new type of small equipment made of metal sheet. Mainly by manual operation, light to use, small volume, easy to move. Used for all kinds of building materials processing and mechanical equipment processing. The pipe insulation shell processed by the edge rolling machine has macro shape, no gap, and can be processed to produce elbow, tank head, reducer, tee and other shapes of sheet metal production. Features: heat preservation material, ventilation sheet metal, flanging bite, pressure hoop forming, heat treatment makes this product more reliable, therefore, easy to use. Meet different mouth shape processing, spend less money, create big profits. Simple to operate. Quality assurance. The price is suitable, convenient and flexible. The price of shrimp elbow machine can not only bite and press the hoop on the duct tube section, but also bite and press the hoop on the plate. The pressure gauge switch must be turned off for normal operation during adjustment or testing to prevent damage to the pressure gauge. Bite size can be adjusted directly and flexibly according to the thickness of the plate and the air duct. There are altogether seven sets of forming roller wheels, among which four sets of roller wheels are used for the round elbow bite processing, and the other three sets of roller wheels are used for the metal protective lamina hoop.

Shrimp rice elbow machine is mainly used for the production of wind pipe elbow. The machine can turn round elbow, and two round pipes of the same diameter are stitched and butt by turning the head machine. The whole process is quick and easy to operate. It is one of the basic equipment in the production of circular duct. Shrimp elbow machine adopts electric drive, can connect 120mm-1000mm diameter round pipe.

Performance characteristics:

1. The body of shrimp elbow machine adopts steel plate welding structure, which can eliminate the stress during vibration and make the machine have good rigidity and stability;

2. Shrimp elbow machine also adopts motor drive, foot switch control mold movement, synchronous reliable, stable operation;

3. The machined plate has smooth surface, uniform size and beautiful appearance;

4. Shrimp elbow machine replaces traditional manual operation and improves labor productivity.


1. Two motors control operation;

2. An electric cabinet is used to control the circuit of the whole machine.

3. Foot switch controls mold work;

4. Two sets of flanging wheels;

5. A set of jointing wheels.

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