Six common problems and treatment methods of 3015 fiber laser cutting machine

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Six common problems and treatment methods of 3015 fiber laser cutting machine

1. Cutting and perforating technology 3015 fiber laser cutting machine

Any thermal cutting technique, except in rare cases where the edge of the plate may be started, generally requires a small hole to be pierced in the plate. Before the laser stamping compound machine is to use the punch out of a hole, and then use the laser from the hole began to cut. There are two basic methods of perforation for laser cutting machines without stamping devices 3015 fiber laser cutting machine:

Blast perforation - the material is hit by a continuous laser to form a crater in the center, which is then quickly removed by a stream of oxygen coaxial with the laser beam to form a hole. The size of the general hole is related to the thickness of the plate, the average diameter of the blasting hole is half of the plate thickness, so the hole diameter of the thick plate blasting hole is larger, and it is not round, and it is not suitable for the use of parts with higher processing accuracy requirements, but can only be used for waste. In addition, because the oxygen pressure used for perforation is the same as that used for cutting, the splash is larger.


Pulse perforation - the use of peak power of the pulse laser to melt or vaporize a small amount of material, commonly used air or nitrogen as an auxiliary gas, in order to reduce the exothermic oxidation of the hole expansion, gas pressure is smaller than the oxygen pressure when cutting. Each pulsed laser produces only a small jet of particles, gradually penetrating, so the thick plate perforation time takes a few seconds. As soon as the perforation is complete, the auxiliary gas is replaced with oxygen for the cutting. In this way, the diameter of perforation is smaller, and the quality of perforation is better than that of blasting perforation. The laser used for this purpose should not only have a high output power; More important is the time and space characteristics of the beam, so the general cross-flow CO2 laser can not adapt to the requirements of laser cutting. In addition, a more reliable gas path control system is needed for pulse perforation to realize the change of gas type, gas pressure and perforation time control.

In the case of pulse perforation, the transition technology from static pulse perforation to constant speed continuous cutting of workpiece should be paid more attention to in order to obtain high quality incision. Theoretically, it is usually possible to change the cutting conditions of the acceleration section, such as focal length, nozzle position, gas pressure, etc., but in practice, it is not possible to change the above conditions due to the short time. In industrial production, it is more realistic to change the average power of laser, the specific method is to change the pulse width; Change the pulse frequency; Change the pulse width and frequency simultaneously. Actual results show that the third option works best.


2. Analysis of deformation of cutting holes (small diameter and plate thickness)

This is because the machine tool (only for high-power laser cutting machine) in the processing of holes is not to take the way of blasting perforation, but with pulse perforation (soft puncture), which makes the laser energy in a very small area is too concentrated, the non-processing area is also burnt, resulting in the deformation of the hole, affecting the processing quality. At this time, we should change the pulse perforation (soft puncture) mode into blasting perforation (ordinary puncture) mode in the processing program, to solve it. On the contrary, for the laser cutting machine with small power, pulse perforation should be adopted to obtain better surface finish.

3 laser cutting low carbon steel, the workpiece burr solution

According to the work and design principle of CO2 laser cutting, the analysis of the following reasons are the main reasons for the burr of the workpiece: the upper and lower position of the laser focus is not correct, the need to do the focus position test, according to the focus of the offset to adjust; Laser output power is not enough, need to check whether the laser generator is working normally, if normal, then observe the output value of the laser control button is correct, to adjust; The cutting line speed is too slow and needs to be added during operation control


Large linear velocity; The purity of cutting gas is not enough, the need to provide high quality cutting gas; Laser focus offset, need to do focus position test, according to the focus of the offset to adjust; Machine tool running time is too long appear instability, at this time need to shut down restart.

4 laser cutting stainless steel and aluminum zinc plate, workpiece burr analysis

The above situation, first consider the burr factors when cutting low carbon steel, but can not simply speed up the cutting speed, because the increase in speed will sometimes appear plate cutting does not wear the situation, this situation is particularly prominent in the processing of aluminum zinc plate. At this time should consider the other factors of machine tools to solve, such as whether to replace the nozzle, guide rail movement instability.


5. Analysis of the state of incomplete laser cutting

After analysis, it can be found that the following conditions are the main conditions of processing instability: the choice of laser nozzle and processing plate thickness does not match; Laser cutting line speed is too fast, the need to reduce the line speed operation control; The nozzle induction is not allowed to lead to the laser focus position error is too large, it is necessary to re-test the nozzle induction data, especially when cutting aluminum is most likely to occur.

6. The solution of abnormal spark when cutting low carbon steel

This situation will affect the parts of the cutting section finish processing quality. At this time, in the case of other parameters are normal, the following circumstances should be considered: the loss of the laser head nozzle NOZZEL, the nozzle should be replaced in time. In the case of no new nozzle replacement, the cutting gas pressure should be increased; The thread at the connection between nozzle and laser head is loose. At this point, the cutting should be suspended immediately, check the connection state of the laser head, and re - threaded.

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