[Solution] How to solve the common faults of CNC bending machine

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[Solution] How to solve the common faults of CNC bending machine


Mechanical type CNC bending machine

Fault 1: the guide gap between the slider and the guide rail is too large, causing abnormal sound.

This kind of failure is due to the long use of the guide rail, wear and tear lead to the increase of the gap. Need to check the wear of the guide rail plate, according to the wear degree to determine whether to replace the guide rail plate, readjust to meet the required clearance.

Fault two: back stopper drive failure. The failure of the rear stopper drive is due to the disconnection of the key bar between the drive shaft and the synchronous belt wheel or the synchronous belt slippage.

Such failure requires reassembling the key bar and synchronous belt and checking the electrical part.

Fault three: the parallelism deviation between the linear guide rail of the rear baffle beam and the center line of the die is too large. Such failure requires loosening the "X" shaft synchronous belt, readjustment to the parallelism tolerance range, and reinstallation of the synchronous belt.

Fault four: the connection between the cylinder and the slider is loose, causing the bending Angle is not correct or the machine cannot find the reference point.

This kind of fault requires rechecking the connecting nut between the torsion slider and the cylinder.

ESA 630


Hydraulic type bending machine

Fault 1: No pressure in hydraulic system.

1. Whether the electromagnetic coil of the proportional relief valve is powered, and whether the voltage of the proportional electromagnetic coil meets the requirements. For the above reasons, please check the related electrical reasons.

2. Check whether the cartridge valve is stuck or the main valve core is stuck, and the damping hole is blocked. If it is the above reason, please remove the relief valve, clean it and reinstall it.

3, three-phase power supply phase modulation, resulting in motor reversal.


Fault two: the slider is fast and slow, and the time is too long to stop.

1. Check whether the oil level of the oil tank is too low and the liquid filling port is not flooded. When fast moving, the upper chamber of the oil cylinder is filled and empty, causing insufficient liquid filling. For the above reasons, the oil in the oil tank can be added more than 5mm above the liquid filling port so that the liquid filling hole is completely flooded.

2, check whether the fast forward speed is too fast, causing insufficient liquid filling. For the above reasons, you can modify system parameters to reduce the fast forward speed.

3. Check whether the liquid filling valve is fully opened. If it is because of oil pollution, the valve core of the liquid filling valve is not flexible and stuck, causing insufficient liquid filling. The filling valve needs to be cleaned and reinstalled so that the spool is flexible.

X Axis

Fault three: slider return normal, fast forward normal, manual can not slow down, weak folding plate.

1. Check whether the "two position four way" reversing valve of the liquid filling control oil circuit works normally. If so, the liquid filling valve is not closed, so that the upper cavity is communicated with the liquid filling port of the oil tank, and the pressure cannot be built. The reason why the valve cannot work properly is that there is no power on or it is stuck.

2. Check whether the liquid filling valve is stuck. If so, please clean the liquid filling valve and reinstall it to make the spool flexible and free.

Fault four: slider return speed is too slow, return pressure is high

This fault is mainly caused by the failure of the liquid charging valve. This fault is in the opposite logical relationship with fault 3. You can refer to the solution of fault 3 to handle the fault.

3.Electrical system type bending machine

ESA630 Press 5

Fault 1: the low-pressure circuit breaker trips after the oil pump starts! The following checks are required for such faults:

1. Check the phase deficiency of the power supply.

2. Check whether the high pressure filter element is seriously blocked, resulting in too much motor current of the oil pump.

3. Check whether the low voltage circuit breaker is set too small

fast clamp 2

Fault 2: After starting up, the reference point cannot be found when returning to the reference point

1. Whether the connection part of the reading head of the grating ruler is loose, so that the reading head cannot coincide with the reference point of the grating ruler when the machine comes back, and the stroke of the oil cylinder has been used up and the oil pump is in the working load state. So this reason, you may need to press the numerical control system of the red stop button and stop back to the reference point, reconnect the correction of grating ruler of connection plate, manual mode into the work condition, make the slider down manually, let the slider and the mode superposition into manual or semi-automatic mode again when working state, to go back to the reference point, troubleshooting.

2, the machine in last time after the operation, due to the operation personnel in strict accordance with the operation not shutdown, the slider stops before power on the machine top dead center position, and at the next boot, not the slider down manually, placed lower die overlap position, after the back reference points and for operation, cause the operations cannot find reference point, if it is this reason, you need to change the system into manual state, In manual mode, the slider will go down to the top and the lower die coincide with the position, and then enter the semi-automatic or automatic mode to find the reference point again.


Fault 3: For the DNC60 or DNC600 CNC system, the display screen is not displayed, and the off-white programming button indicator blinks

This kind of failure is mainly the system operator in the product programming operation, not in time and effectively will not be used to empty the original product program, and directly in the last work product program modification, after repeated several times caused the system buffer memory program crammed, and the system program can not run normally. First, disconnect the host power supply, hold down the "+ +" "--" key on the system keyboard at the same time, and turn on the power supply, so that the system enters the initialization state.

Then, before you need to empty the project input: "1" means to empty the project, and then enter the password "817", press the confirm key to confirm, the screen will prompt you "has been executed" at this time the required empty content is complete.

Fault four: the grating ruler "does not count accurately" and causes the bending Angle error

This kind of fault mainly reflects the cumulative error of repeated positioning accuracy of "Y1" and "Y2" axis, and the Angle error of the bending workpiece is large, and the Angle error is accumulated in the previous base. The main reason is that the grating ruler feedback signal count holes to drop the number of pulses. Remove and clean the grating ruler and take measures to prevent dust and vibration. Redesign the improper installation mode until it is properly installed. If the grating ruler is faulty, return it to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

Fault five: after product programming, the safety distance alarm of "X" axis "R" axis of the rear stopper material.

This kind of fault is mainly in the mold preparation of the upper and lower mold safety distance Settings, and the system of X-axis R axis limit position setting and the current product programmed program "X" axis "R" axis docking position contradiction, and the system alarm, for the sake of safety, the system will not run can not operate normally. It is necessary to reprogram the product or modify the product or modify the parameters of the mold to meet the requirements, that is, the alarm is removed before operation.

Fault six: driving motor error alarm appears on X axis and R axis of rear stopper.

This kind of fault needs to first open the electrical box, see the alarm code displayed on the driver, according to the alarm code prompted by the driver, check the driver manual to find out the alarm reason.

ESA630 Press 2

There are two common alarms:

16# alarm indicates the overload alarm of the driving motor. We can check whether the transmission of the X axis and Y axis of the rear stopper is flexible, the resistance is too high, and whether the X axis and R axis have reached the mechanical limit. If so, troubleshoot the mechanical fault.

22# alarm, indicating the encoder feedback signal alarm, causing the phenomenon, may be the "joint" bad contact, unwelded or broken line and signal interference need to be investigated one by one.

Fault seven :Y1, Y2 computer display position is not consistent with the actual position.

This fault is caused by incorrect change of the original reference point, and the reference point needs to be reinitialized.

Fault eight: X axis R axis positioning of the system computer is inconsistent with the actual positioning

This kind of fault is mainly because the position of X-axis and R-axis has been moved when the machine is powered off. At this time, the computer still remembers the position before shutdown, so the actual position of X-axis and R-axis changes, and the position of X-axis and R-axis needs to be reinitialized.

Fault nine: the position deviation of Y1 axis and Y2 axis is beyond the distance of synchronization deviation allowed by system parameters, so the skateboard cannot move up or down.

This kind of failure is mainly caused by the fact that we did not put the slider into the contact position of the upper and lower molds before shutting down the machine. At this time, due to the knife drop, the actual positions of both ends of the Y1 and Y2 axis exceeded the limit range. It is necessary to adjust the actual positions of both ends of axis Y1 and axis Y2 to be consistent. The computer should display the current value in the same position, the equipment can be normal operation.

The solution is to modify the machine parameters in the system to increase 5mm on the original basis, and then enter the manual mode, manual downward, the system will automatically correct the position, the system will resume normal work.


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