Stainless steel laser welding machine, automatic laser welding machine specifications

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Stainless steel laser welding machine, automatic laser welding machine specifications

Stainless steel laser welding machinecolor imported accessories, stable performance, low failure rate, service life of more than 10 years; The welding efficiency is high, the effect is good, the operation is simple spinning, mainly adopts the computer programming, completes the automatic or semi-automatic spot welding, the butt welding, the fold welding, the seal welding, completes the complex plane straight line, the circular arc and the arbitrary trajectory welding. Can be customized according to customer requirements.

Acceptance method:

welding head

1. Carry out acceptance inspection on the site of equipment use;

2, set (data, spare parts) and product appearance acceptance;

3. The supplier shall send personnel to install and debug the equipment steel laser welding machine;

4. Demonstration of various functions of the equipment

5. The supplier shall conduct welding test on the selected workpieces of the buyer to see whether the welding effect meets the requirements; 6. Test relevant technical indicators;

7. The imitator shall provide technical training for the operation and maintenance personnel of the Demander for a period of 2 working days; 8. After the equipment is debugged without failure, the representatives of both parties shall sign the acceptance report.

Quality and maintenance:

The following technical support is provided to guide the buyer to use and maintain safely and correctly.

(1) Equipment instruction manual and backup of application software;

(2) Product qualification certificate

Automatic laser welding machine features:

wire feeder

Separate design, modular structure, suitable for a variety of industries application combination; Human design, LCD display, centralized keystroke operation is more simple; Provide industry solutions, Ke provides a variety of mature industry fixture and control mode, more convenient to use; Can be combined with assembly line production, strong use; Can be combined with its secret box, etc. To meet the welding requirements of special products; In line with the international laser safety standards and high voltage electrical safety standards; YAG laser welding refers to the automatic movement of workpiece or laser head under the control of computer, PLC or MCU to realize automatic welding.

It is mainly used in laser welding of lamps and lanterns, stainless steel products, hardware products, crafts, precision jewelry and other products.


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