Standard equipment of shock absorber for press brake cnc hydraulic

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Standard equipment of shock absorber for press brake cnc hydraulic

Durmapress to tell you that the standard of the shock absorber of the press brake cnc hydraulic; The shock absorber, the shock absorber is generally used to suppress the spring rebound after shock absorption of the oscillation and the impact from the ground.

After a bump in the ground, although the shock absorber spring can overconsider the vibration of the ground, but the spring itself will have repeated movement, and the shock absorber is used to inhibit this kind of spring. The shock absorber is too soft, the body will bounce up and down, the shock absorber is too hard will produce great friction resistance, prevent all the normal work of the spring. In the whole process of modification of the suspension system, the hard shock absorber should be matched with the hard spring, and the strength of the spring is closely related to the weight of the car, so the heavy car usually chooses the hard shock absorber press brake hydraulic.


A device connected to the priming crankshaft to counter the twisting vibration of the crankshaft (i.e. the shaking of the crankshaft by the impact force of the cylinder ignition).

In the selection of shock absorber at that time, it is best to test the actual effect of the shock absorber of the goods, choose the best characteristics of the goods. Because the impact of the bending machine is relatively large, so the shock absorber selected should be able to bear at least that impact, and the actual effect of the shock absorber should be more than 80% or so.


In addition, the shock absorber with the hydraulic damper can be prefered to reduce the common vibration caused by the speed of the bending machine in the high speed work, and the maintenance of the machine equipment and the mold will not be destroyed. The last problem, to use the shock absorber of its own frequency is relatively low, in order to meet the requirements of high-speed operation of the bending machine.

Usually people understand the principle of CNC bending machine shock absorber is: Suspension system of vibration caused by the elastic components impact, to improve the car driving stability, and elastic element series installation in the shock absorber, suspension system for the vibration attenuation coefficient, the automobile suspension system software in the selection of shock absorber is a hydraulic shock absorber, more the principle is that when the frame (or body) and axle there was a relative motion between the vibration, shock absorber piston rod to move around, The oil in the shock absorber cavity is continuously injected into another cavity through a different porosity from one cavity.

At this time, the friction between the hole and the oil and the internal friction between the oil molecular structure produce resistance to vibration, so that the vibration kinetic energy of the car is converted into oil energy, and then digested and absorbed by the shock absorber and released into the air. The resistance is adjusted with the relative motion rate between the frame and the axle (or the wheel), and is related to the viscosity of the oil.


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