Summary of problems in the development of the bending diagram

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1. Bending is the most important link in sheet metal manufacturing. The quality of the bending will directly affect the production of the next process and the quality of the entire product. The rationality of the bending method will directly affect the processing cost. First we must understand the choice of machine tools and molds:

The choice of machine tool: determine the tonnage of the machine tool according to the thickness of the material, the bending shape, and the peripheral size, and select the machine tool (including CNC hydraulic press brake machine and non-CNC machine tools) under the premise of considering the convenience of operation and high efficiency.

2. The choice of mold:

① Upper die selection steps:

a. According to the bending shape of the material, determine the several molds that can be used.

b. According to the material diagram, see if you need to match the mold or give way, and determine that there are several types of these molds that can meet the requirements.

c. Finally, consider the convenience and safety of the operation when bending. According to the above points, the upper mold to be used can be determined. ② Lower mold selection steps:

a. The slot width is determined according to the plate thickness (t), as shown in the table:

press brake products drawing

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