Symmetrical plate winding machine

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Symmetrical plate winding machine

The upper roll of the symmetrical winding machine is in the symmetrical position of the two lower rollers through the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder acting on the piston for vertical lifting movement, through the final gear of the main reducer to drive the two lower roller gear snagging cooperative rotary movement, to provide torque for rolling plate. Machine specification flat plastic sheet metal by three root work roll bending roll (two roller, a roller), with the help of the roller press and roller rotary motion, make the metal plate after multichannel continuous bending (lining compression deformation and middle, outer tensile deformation), permanent plastic deformation, roll made need cylinders, cones or part of them. The disadvantage of the hydraulic three-roller plate winder is that the plate end needs to be prebent by other equipment. The plate rolling machine is suitable for large plate rolling machine whose thickness is more than 50mm. The lower part of the two rolls increases a row of fixed rollers to shorten the span of the two rolls, so as to improve the precision of the rolling workpiece and the overall performance of the machine.



Due to the use of different fields, different types of bending machine. From the number of rolls is divided into three roller rolling machine and four roller rolling machine. Three rollers are divided into symmetrical three roller rolling machine, horizontal under regulation type three rod rolling machine, arc under regulation type rolling machine, on the roll type three roller rolling machine, hydraulic CNC rolling machine. From the transmission of mechanical and hydraulic. From the development of the rolling machine, the upper roller level under the mode slightly advanced, the arc under the mode fast. Three-roll plate winder

Three roller plate winding machine has 1, mechanical and 2, hydraulic

1, mechanical three-roller bending machine is divided into symmetric and asymmetric. Three rollers symmetrical type mechanical three rollers symmetrical type mechanical lapping machine characteristics: this machine structure is three rollers symmetrical type, roll on the roll under two symmetrical position for vertical lifting movement, obtained through the screw silk worm drive, the two bottom rollers for rotation, through the output of the speed reducer gear and roller gear mesh, torque for rolling plate. The disadvantage of this machine is that the plate end needs to be prebent by other equipment. The main characteristics of the machine: the structure of the machine is three-roller asymmetric, the upper roller is the main drive, the lower roller vertical lifting movement, in order to clamp the plate, and through the lower roller gear and the upper roller gear meshing, as the main drive; The side roller has double functions of pre-bending and rolling. Compact structure, easy operation and maintenance.

2, hydraulic type

The main characteristics of hydraulic three-roller symmetrical bending machine: the upper roller of the machine can be vertical lifting, vertical lifting hydraulic transmission, through the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder of the piston rod and obtained; The lower roller is driven by rotation and provides torque for the plate by engaging the output gear of the reducer. The lower roller has a supporting roller and can be adjusted. The upper roller is in the shape of drum to improve the straightness of the product. It is suitable for various types of tanks with long specifications. It is a symmetrical three-roller plate rolling machine of up-regulation type, which can roll metal sheet into round, arc and conical workpieces within a certain range. The machine has two lower rollers as active rollers and upper rollers as driven rollers. It is widely used in shipbuilding, boiler, hydropower, chemical, metal structure and machinery manufacturing industries. Suitable for sheet metal bending deformation, rolling round, arc and a range of conical workpiece, and a plank end bending function, the model of the roller under the conditions of the two active roll can move horizontally, the roller is driven roller can move up and down, move way are mechanical and hydraulic, transmission shaft are connected adopt universal shaft connection.


The characteristics of

Q350 series is a new generation of high-performance vector transducers, with the following characteristics:

High speed motor control chip DSP to ensure fast response of vector control

Built-in standard MODBUS RTU ASCII communication protocol, users can control the upper computer through PC/PLC, etc

The structure adopts independent air duct design, the fan can be removed freely, and the heat dissipation is good

Powerful input and output multifunctional programmable terminal, speed control pulse input, two analog output

Unique "excavator" adaptive control characteristics, automatic limit of motor torque during operation, effective overcurrent frequent trip

Wide voltage input, output voltage automatic voltage regulator (R), instant power off without stopping, stronger adaptability

Modular design of hardware circuit ensures stable operation of circuit

The appearance design combines the European automobile design idea, the line is smooth, the appearance is beautiful

Built-in advanced PID algorithm, fast response, strong adaptability, simple debugging; 16 section speed control, simple PLC timing, speed, directional and other multi-functional logic control, a variety of flexible control methods to meet the requirements of different complex working conditions without PG vector control, PG vector control, torque control, V/F control are optional operating procedures

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Matters needing attention

1, winding machine must be responsible for the management of special personnel.

2, the operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the winding machine and the use of the method, agreed by the responsible manager, can be operated.

3, before starting, carefully check whether the safety device is in good condition.

4, when operating, hands and feet are strictly prohibited on the roller and transmission parts and workpiece.

5, work interruption, should be the clutch to neutral.

6, multi-person collaborative operation must have special command.

7. Overload is strictly prohibited.

8. The lifting and reversing of the upper roller, the dumping reset of the bearing and the balance of the upper roller, must be carried out after the main drive stops.

9. It is forbidden to pile up workpieces and sundries in the work site, and keep the machine tools and the site clean at all times.

10, the operation is finished, should cut off the power supply, and lock the power box

Safe operation

The relationship between the operation efficiency and failure rate of mechanical equipment and the operator is very close. As the operator of dangerous equipment, we should know more about relevant knowledge in order to effectively avoid some misoperation or accidents due to the operator. Let us understand the details of the operation of the bending machine safety requirements. First the operator before the operation to tidy up around the operation environment, maintain a good operating environment, at the same time, the operator of the dress must be clean, avoid in the heart of the operation process of clothes Angle and so on into the roll in, in the process of work must pay attention to the operator can only stand in the position of the both sides of the workpiece is reasonable. If in the process of operation, to adjust the measurement of roundness, then must be shut down operation, do not operate in the process of operation. When the workpiece arrives, leave a certain margin. When measuring roundness, it is forbidden to stand on the rolled cylinder and stand on the workpiece to be machined. For some difficult processing of the workpiece: such as, thicker, or is larger in diameter, raw material hardness or strength is higher, should be through a small number of operations at the same time to be able to work through many times to achieve the effect. For some workpiece diameter is small, should be placed in the middle of the roll rolling operation.

Maintenance procedures

1, according to the provisions of the machine lubrication diagram, according to the requirements of the oil cup lubrication and manual lubrication points for oil.

2, according to the parameters of the plate rolling machine, the thickness of the plate is 1-14mm, the length is 4100mm, the yield limit of the plate material is less than 250Mpa.

3. After switching on the power supply, carry out the positive and negative movements of the lower roller and the upper roller, and check the abnormal stuck phenomenon of each movement.

4, strictly according to the coil plate processing procedures and operating methods for operation, in the upper roll lifting to the limit position, to pay attention to the safety of equipment operation.

5. When the main drive is shut down, the upper roll can be lifted, the inverted bearing can be reset and the upper roll can be cocked.

6, in the process of operation, if there is irregular noise, impact and other abnormal phenomena, should stop immediately check.

7, the operation of the personnel to coordinate with each other, follow the command of the person in charge of the coil, no password, forbid to start the machine.

8. When rolling the plate, we should pay great attention to the hand being rolled into the plate and the plate together.

9. When lifting steel plates or rollers with a crane, pay attention not to collision with the machine. After the end of the coil, complete the material to clear the site, and do a good job of equipment maintenance work, turn off the power in time.

Matters needing attention

1. Clean up the winding machine components, especially where they are connected;

2. Coil machine assembly to follow the inside to the outside, the first down after such a principle; 

3. In assembly, assembly with the same tooling or assembly in the same direction shall be dealt with in a centralized manner;

4. In the assembly process, transfer should be carried out strictly in accordance with the design drawing, and strictly control the dimensions and specifications.

The relevant standard

Standard for design, manufacture, installation and acceptance of winding machine

JB/T winding machine accuracy

Noise limit of JB/T pipe bender and three-roll plate bender

JB/T forging machinery general specification

GB/T Safety specification for forging and pressing machinery

GB/T Hydraulic system general technical specifications

JB/T Engineering machinery General specification for machining parts

General specification for JB/T assembly

JB/T General specification for coating of construction machinery

GB Machinery safety emergency stop design principles

GB/T Industrial machinery -- Electrical equipment -- Part 1: General technical specifications

The sealing performance


The use of any large and small enterprises or similar winding machine manufacturers of the factory this equipment must be in order to prevent leakage and dust in processing must be installed with sealing devices. Machine hydraulic system plays a sealing function components, namely seals, seal machine hydraulic system is used to prevent liquid or solid particles from leakage between adjacent joint surface, and prevent the impurities such as dust and moisture into the inside of the machine equipment materials or parts of the parts and components used in hydraulic system of machine seal leakage will cause the waste of working medium, Pollution of machines and environment, and even cause mechanical failure and equipment accidents. The reliability and service life of sealing parts in the hydraulic system of the winding machine is an important index to measure the quality of the hydraulic system. Besides gap seal, all is the use of seals, clearance between the adjacent two coupled surface control in need to seal the liquid can pass the clearance of the following, in hydraulic system of machine seals in the contact seal, usually divided into type sealing pressure tight seal and sealing type self-tightening sealing also calls the lip) two, however, The various sealing factors in the hydraulic system of the bending machine are different, just as the sealing of the three-roller bending machine is also affected by the different temperature pressure and the existence of the media.



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