Teach you how to use the hydraulic plate shearing machine correctly

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Teach you how to use the hydraulic plate shearing machine correctly

The surface of quan motor and foot switch should be clean, no other objects around. There must be no objects on the worktable, scissor mouth and connecting rod of the equipment, otherwise they must be removed before the machine is started. When cutting and transporting materials, the staff must make reasonable use of labor protection supplies to avoid scratching hands and feet. Wear protective glasses when cutting aluminum.

The security grating on the hydraulic plate shearing machine shall not be arbitrarily removed. After the equipment is repaired, all the quan devices can be installed before production. Before starting the machine, check whether the protective devices and components of each part of the shearing machine are firm and reliable. Otherwise, it should be adjusted properly. Check the equipment and power switch, pedal clutch, brake, etc. are normal.

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Proofread whether the scissors should be cut sheet thickness, such as readjusted scissors mouth, pull several times by hand, think appropriate, personnel must leave the scissors mouth before driving test shear. Guangdong plate shearing machine sliding track every shift to check the lubrication, otherwise lubrication should be added. When the operation begins to cut the material, it should be cut several times, and the material can be cut when the operation is normal. Check the thickness of the material to be cut with a gauge and make a shear test. It is strictly forbidden to cut materials that exceed the shear thickness marked by the equipment.

Different materials (different thickness, different materials) are not allowed to be cut at the same time. The operator's hand is strictly prohibited to extend into the protective pressure plate of knife edge and danger area. When more than two people jointly operate, it is necessary to designate a person to be in charge of command. The commander must monitor the hands and other parts of all operators to leave the danger zone of cutting, before the operation and foot switch by special person. Step off the foot switch after cutting, not allowed to foot on the switch surface. When each piece of material is cut after, it is not allowed to be sent in front of the original scissors. It must be sent in the rear direction (i.e. sent before the pressing plate).

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In case of loose transmission parts, fasteners or other abnormal conditions found during operation, stop the machine immediately and report for inspection and repair. Forced work while ill is strictly prohibited. When troubleshooting and repairing, the power supply should be cut off before the shears stop running completely, and then the shears can be hung in a conspicuous place for maintenance. Do not repair the equipment while it is in motion. Do not use your hands to remove the blade from the truck scissors. Use a shovel or large calipers to remove the blade.

After the work is done, turn off the power and clean up the work area, especially remind that no objects are allowed on the work surface. Maintenance after each use, must clean up the residual materials, waste. Clean up the oil pollution on the surface of the shearing machine after work, add a small amount of lubricating oil to the refueling part for maintenance, and maintain the equipment regularly every weekend.


With the continuous improvement of science and technology and the demand of industrial production, the market demand of shearing machine will continue to increase in the future, and the upgrading of shearing machine products will be faster and faster. Plate shearing machine enterprises should be based on market demand, adjust the product structure, to meet the needs of different mechanical forging and pressing varieties of diversification.

Shearing machine is a commonly used shearing machine in industry. It uses a moving upper blade and a fixed lower blade to apply shear forces on metal plates of various thicknesses by using a reasonable blade gap to shear the plate to the desired size.

At present, there are three kinds of shearing machine: foot shearing (manpower), mechanical shearing and hydraulic pendulum shearing. At present, the shearing machine has become an important equipment in the machinery manufacturing industry, widely used in aviation, automobile, agricultural machinery, electrical machinery, household appliances, hardware and other industries.

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