The advantages and disadvantages of cnc 12kw fiber laser cutting are introduced

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The advantages and disadvantages of cnc 12kw fiber laser cutting are introduced

The advantages and disadvantages of cnc 12kw fiber laser cutting are introduced

We all know that our laser cutting machine also belongs to large equipment, of course, the price with its function and material is inseparable, so how to choose the right laser cutting machine manufacturer? Solid laser cutting machine has the characteristics of low price and good stability, but low energy efficiency. 3%, the current output power of the product is mostly below 850W, due to the small output energy, mainly used for drilling and spot welding and thin plate cutting. Its green laser beam can be used in pulse or continuous wave, with short wavelength, good light concentration for processing, especially in the pulse hole processing is more effective, can also be used for cutting, welding and lithography, etc. The laser wavelength of solid laser cutting machine is not easy to be absorbed by non-metal, so it can not cut non-metal materials, and the solid laser cutting machine needs to solve is to improve the stability and life of power supply, that is, to develop large capacity, long life of optical pump excitation light source, such as the use of semiconductor optical pump can greatly increase the energy efficiency.

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Main advantages: can cut other laser cutting machine can cut the aluminum plate, copper plate as well as most nonferrous metal materials, machine purchase cheap, use of low cost, simple maintenance, most of the key technology has been mastered by domestic companies, accessories price and maintenance cost is low, and the machine operation and maintenance simple, requirements for workers personnel quality is not high.

Main disadvantages: can only cut the material below 12mm, and the cutting efficiency is quite low. Main market positioning: below 10mm cutting, mainly for self-use small and medium-sized enterprises and processing requirements are not particularly high most sheet metal manufacturing, household appliances manufacturing, kitchenware manufacturing, decoration, advertising and other industry users, gradually replacing wire cutting, CNC punch, water cutting, small power plasma and other traditional processing equipment.

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As the strength of laser cutting machine manufacturers, we durMAPress laser, whether from product development, or production links, are strictly controlled. All the staff of Durmapress will work together to create brilliant enterprise. Every year, we hold irregularly training of laser cutting machine industry knowledge, constantly introduce advanced technology at home and abroad, rich market research, so that more reasonable design can be applied to the production of our giant laser cutting machine. So buy our DurMAPress laser cutting machine, you both save trouble and rest assured.

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1, choose Germany IPG/ domestic fiber laser, photoelectric conversion efficiency and high, stable performance, the service life of key components can reach 100,000 hours.

2, standard 500W, 750W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W fiber laser. Fiber laser has high beam quality, high conversion rate, low operation and maintenance cost.

3, laser generation process does not need to produce gas, air assisted cutting, optical fiber transmission, no need to adjust the optical path, simple operation, low cost and low.

4, compared with other medium laser equipment, fiber optic machine focusing spot is smaller, so that the cutting line is fine, higher efficiency, better processing quality;

5, combined with the company's independent design of gantry type CNC machine tool adopts double drive system, using the overall welding body, after high temperature annealing, no deformation, to ensure the stability of long-term high-speed cutting.

6, with good rigidity, stability, with standard ball screw, linear guide rail drive operation.

7, equipped with high precision, high response drive, suitable for 5mm or less metal plate fast standard cutting.

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