The advantages and disadvantages of CNC punch transmission mode mechanical and hydraulic analysis

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The advantages and disadvantages of CNC punch transmission mode mechanical and hydraulic analysis

CNC turret punch is a kind of CNC automation equipment which can realize batch stamping by computer software programming and controlling multiple moulds on the turret wheel plate. The main application industries include machinery, electrical appliances, hardware and so on, especially the metal plate, CNC turret punch is the most widely used in an industry.

The emergence of CNC turret punch compared to the traditional turret punch to achieve automatic production, simple operation, time-saving and efficient. But technical personnel in the operation of CNC turret punch must pay attention to the problem: before use. Carefully read the product instructions, different products have different use methods, be sure to carefully understand, to ensure that the position and role of each component, in case of problems in time to find and solve the problem.

CNC turret punch is a necessary machine tool for processing sheet metal products. The machine is divided into bed, punch, transmission parts, feeding platform, clamping parts, system and so on. The bed refers to the casting body and welding body; If the system has industrial computer, PIC of.


CNC turret punch can ensure the improvement of work efficiency, is more suitable for large sheet metal processing, of course, can not avoid the disadvantage is not suitable for large tonnage processing. CNC turret punch there are many types, according to the processing of the workpiece and the requirements of the choice, there is an open CNC turret punch, affordable, precisely because it is CNC turret punch, so to ensure the concentricity of the upper and lower, improve the accuracy of processing, ensure the qualified rate of the product.

Finally emphasize the use of CNC turret punch to pay attention to the maintenance of CNC punch, regular oil change, check the circuit and transmission system is normal, strictly in accordance with the correct use of the sequence of operation of CNC turret punch, do not randomly disrupt the sequence of operation, to prevent problems. Stay alert at the last minute, stay within safety limits with machinery, and pay attention to your own safety.

With the continuous progress of society, as well as the continuous development and innovation of human beings, CNC punch, in the machinery and equipment industry, has a qualitative improvement, broke through the shortcomings of the past, and continue to perfect. CNC punch is mainly divided into two kinds, one is mechanical and one is hydraulic. Customers can refer to the following comparison to choose their own equipment:


1. At times

Hydraulic CNC punch, punching times about 700-1200 times /min, which, the nominal force stroke seriously affect the punching times, in the stroke of 4mm, punching times up to 300 times /min or so.

Mechanical CNC punch, punching times in 170-260 times /min or so, punching constant, has nothing to do with the nominal force stroke, up and down the line up to about 40mm.

Function of 2.

Hydraulic CNC punch, can realize rolling, rolling cutting, wire drawing and other complex functions. The high cost

Mechanical CNC punch, can not achieve the function, can only be carried out, punching, blinds, stretching, embossing and other ordinary stamping, low cost is relatively low

3. Post-impact pressure

Hydraulic CNC punch, after the end of stamping, will still maintain 25-30 tons of pressure, there will be inertia, adverse to the fuselage

Mechanical CNC punch, after stamping, there is no impact pressure, no loss to the fuselage

4. The energy dissipation

Hydraulic CNC punch, to maintain the normal work of the fuselage needs to replace a hydraulic oil half a year, each replacement weight is about 250 kg, the price is about 5000 yuan. It also consumes about 11 kilowatts of electricity per hour, which is about 100 yuan.

Mechanical CNC punch, no need to replace hydraulic oil, daily power consumption of 4-5.5kW, is half of the hydraulic CNC punch

5. Temperature requirements

Hydraulic CNC punch, the temperature requirements are also more stringent, the normal working temperature is -5~70℃, winter, the north is cold, not suitable for use; In summer, the temperature in the south is relatively high, and it is not suitable for use. If you want to use it, you must take heating or cooling measures, such as installing heating, air conditioning and fans in the workshop.

Mechanical CNC punch, there is no requirement for temperature, north and south general, wide range of use.

6. Processing blind area

Hydraulic CNC punch, processing is a blind area, clamp parts and both sides of the plate may not be able to press.

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