Press brake machine hydraulic tool industry rapid upgrade

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Press brake machine hydraulic tool industry rapid upgrade

Strengthen service familiarity and forward service degree is the top priority, China Press brake machine hydraulic die industry to deal with the punishment of modernization. Its acute case goes far beyond the improvement of equipment. Before that, there have been a lot of painful experience, some enterprises spend a lot of money to introduce overseas advanced equipment, but the old concept has not changed, still produce the same standard CNC bending machine mold, the effect is not welcomed by the market.

Today, the modern Press brake machine hydraulic mold construction industry in the country of origin, after the annexation, reorganization and improvement since the 1980s, shows the characteristics of "high starting point, large investment, large-scale, sea internalization" and the trend of mobilization. Ten of the largest multinational CNC bending machine die groups, accounting for two-thirds of the domestic CNC bending machine die market share. In contrast, CNC bending machine mold enterprises in product repulsion ability, technology repulsion ability, equipment repulsion ability and marketing service level there is a big gap. It must be recognized that the difference is not one day to catch up with the CNC bending machine mold industry  the result is a traditional industry, and high-tech growth discipline is not the same as a lot of technology and experience, to rely on a long-term accumulation of experience.


Also began to notice in accordance with their own premise, CNC bending machine die industry in the beginning of the growth. Accurate positioning determines the results of reasonable growth forms.Many large and medium-sized enterprises, have given up the large and complete "small and complete" growth form, beginning to present their own characteristics, this is a very gratifying scene. However, the proportion of featured products and services is not large enough, and the speed of transformation is not fast enough. The sense of urgency is not strong, not completely rid of the influence of the old system, so the new approach to speed up. Enterprises are the main body of cooperation and market economy is working alone. Must be responsible for their own preservation and development. In order to face the growth of CNC bending machine mold industry in China, can not meet the needs of the construction industry, first of all to find reasons from the enterprise itself, come up with a solution. But on the other hand, we must see that the growth history of China's market economy is still very short, and there are still many irregularities and imperfections in the market operation, which affect the weak growth of enterprises. Must want government, enterprise communication, lose resonance, by the government come forward to solve. For example, over the years failure CNC bending machine die industry weak growth of inferior cheap products malignant cooperation "and" unfair investment orientation "these two big problems, and the government has a direct connection.

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Experts summed up the following four points: first, vigorously develop industries that are thrifty and cost-efficient and environmentally friendly; Two, change the product grade, the world's advanced level is China hardware CNC bending machine mold construction industry efforts to bias. Hardware CNC bending machine mold construction industry growth bias. Strive to win by quality, the dynamic technology grafting into the product; Speed up the training of technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body; Fourthly, accelerate the industrialization of high-tech skills. As a pillar industry, construction industry has a profound impact on the growth of China's economy. However, the CNC bending machine mold this small parts is the importance of four two dial a thousand catties. If the CNC bending machine die can not get a good growth, then the growth rate of metal processing machine tools will be greatly reduced. At present, people are more and more focused on CNC bending machine mold, the famous industrial field has realized the meaning of CNC bending machine mold localization for Chinese growth national industry. Wish as people face up to, CNC bending machine die industry can grow steadily and rapidly, keep up with the pace of China's construction industry.

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