The cnc brake press machine small is about to promote social insurance consumption power as a key mission of skill innovation

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The cnc brake press machine small is about to promote social insurance consumption power as a key mission of skill innovation

According to the previous innovation experience, the general tool nc innovation, the frequency of the tool increased significantly. Die forging cnc brake press machine small introduced the world advanced technology production series of products. The hot die forging press state machine in automobiles, tractors, internal combustion engines, ships, aviation, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, hardware tools, such as manufacturing, used for bulk lots of black and non-ferrous metal die forging and finish forging, forged forgings with high precision, high material utilization ratio, high productivity, easy to realize automation, low technical requirements to the operation of the workers, As a result, it is widely used in modern forging production. It is an indispensable high precision forging equipment in modern forging production.

800T 折 8

Numerical control shears with numbers, words and symbols composed of digital instructions to achieve a shears or more shears equipment action control technology. CNC shearing machine is generally used in general or special computer digital program control, it is usually controlled by position, Angle, speed and other mechanical quantities and mechanical energy flow related to the switch quantity. Nc shearing machine depends on the emergence of data carrier and binary form of data operation.

The hydraulic press is mainly composed of a frame, a hydraulic system, a cooling system, a pressurized oil cylinder, a upper die and a lower die. The pressure cylinder is installed on the upper end of the frame and connected with the upper die, and the cooling system is connected with the upper die and the lower die. It is characterized in that the lower end of the frame is provided with a mobile working table and a mobile cylinder connected with the mobile working table, and the lower die is arranged on the mobile working table. Normal heavy tools refresh for only one-third of the new tool purchase cost. Instead of a tool that requires a collective grasp, the innovation allows workers to control two bending machines simultaneously.

800T 折 10

It is possible to find changes to improve the safety as well as the consumption frequency of AMADA CNC tools, bending machine tool creation will affect the decoration of organizational change, so that enterprises have a new lymph stagnation better and better. Is the Chinese, then called just to create the burgeoning difference, the love of the city of great market conditions. CNC tool change culture is the use and joint innovation, innovation and stagnation of new conservative property common property with general power points and one-side upgrade stage joint renovation skills and skills, bending machines and skills to promote innovation for the insurance consumer point of force mission. At the same time of luxury profit, NC innovation can also form simplicity through a large amount of recycling power consumption and exhaust purification.

High risk of operational contact with the location available to the author; With a crying operation interface to control the fragments and a more consistent ergonomic fortification, the bending machine can reduce the error rate of ineffective operations, narrow accidents occur due to an error.

The general choice of tools can realize the innovation of CNC in China, can greatly develop and improve the machining center frequency and the tool of the initiative, intelligent management level. At the same time, the tool after the innovation of processing method precision greatly improved, by man-made mistake formed by the rate of finished products significantly increased.

800T 折 3

From the naive experience overseas, remanufacturing is the most ineffective method of NC tool reapplication.. After the innovation of NC tool, the loss of insurance function is significantly improved and the accident rate is significantly increased, which will bring huge insurance benefits. Currently, the use of knives is increasing. However, the international bending machine tools are mostly universal tools. These tools are generally less safe and consume less frequency, which drives our AMADA tool stagnation to CNC stagnation.

Tool margins shrink and processing frequency increases

General AMADA tools for CNC innovation and purchase of new tools, especially for heavy duty, bending machine special tools are particularly obvious. It increases the intensity of Chinese workers' rest time, saves labor and energy, prolonging the new goods by making a cycle and consumption market cycle, and brings great economic and social benefits to enterprise management.


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