The component and function of the executive mechanism of plate shearing machine

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The component and function of the executive mechanism of plate shearing machine

The conveying mechanism of plate shearing machine is mainly the engine output torque into the power of the roller conveying plate, which is mainly used in the transmission of the wheel, because of its transmission ratio is easy to control, and the transmission torque required by the quality of conveying plate

It's not very big. The solution is to use a pulley drive. Because of the need for intermittent mechanism, a pair of incomplete gear transmission is added in the transmission to achieve intermittent transmission mechanism

The main two parts of the executive mechanism are respectively the planet wheel and six bar mechanism, six bar mechanism first to calculate, determine the length of each bar at the same time, but also to meet the crank rocker mechanism bar length requirements, and then calculate the transmission Angle, through the size of the transmission Angle to adjust the length of each bar. To determine the length of each bar of the six-bar mechanism. Conveying mechanism and executive mechanism connection brief description: to make the conveying mechanism and executive mechanism just meet the requirements, it is necessary to make the incomplete gear in the center of the lock arc at the time of the installation, just when the tool just cut the sheet.

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Safety protection measures during the use of plate shears:

(1) before work, we should carefully check whether all parts of the trigger are normal, whether the electrical equipment is intact, whether the safety protection device is reliable, whether the lubrication system is smooth, and then add lubricating oil, test run, steam cutting intact, can be used. Coordination of more than two people

Operation, must determine a unified command, check the table and the surrounding barrier-free, can start the machine cutting. Plate shears are not allowed to cut two different specifications and different materials at the same time. No material shear shear plate surface requirements

Flat, not allowed to shear can not press the narrow sheet.

(2) when operating the plate cutter, concentrate. When feeding, fingers should leave the edge of the knife for 200mm and leave the pressing device. Feeding, taking material to prevent steel plate scratches, prevent cutting off steel plate wounding. Foot switch should be equipped with a strong protective cover plate, to prevent heavy objects falling on the foot switch or misstep.


(3) All kinds of dien plate machines should be adjusted according to the stipulated thickness of the cutting plate to prevent improper use and accidents.

(4) The brake of the plate cutter should be checked regularly to ensure reliability and prevent the brake from loosening, resulting in sudden drop of the upper blade wounding. (5) The edge of the sheet and the strip after cutting is sharp, and sometimes there are burrs, which should be prevented from scratching.

(6) In the process of operation, the use of safe hand tools to complete the feeding, positioning, taking parts and cleaning up scraps and other operations, can prevent fingers from being crushed by the mold.

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